Bling Empire: Christine Chiu may look like the latest reality villain, but there’s more to the story

She is among the stars of Netflix’s newest binge-worthy docuseries, which focuses on a remarkably rich group of Asian buddies in Los Angeles.

Chiu is quickly the one some fans have actually chosen they enjoy to dislike thanks in part to her competition with fellow cast member Anna Shay.

Their frenemy status is on complete screen in numerous scenes, consisting of one in which Chiu appears to Shay’s celebration rocking the very same piece of “high jewelry” Shay owns.

When asked by CNN just recently if being cast as the bad man (or lady in this case) troubled her, Chiu stated that “from the production perspective, it achieved the goal, right?”

“Because people were very vested in talking about this rivalry and people got a chuckle and a giggle and gas out of how petty rich people can be and like these games we play on each other,” she stated. “So from the entertainment value perspective, I think it was fabulous.”

“Bling Empire” is absolutely amusing.

From Shay, who is so rich she can manage to blend buddies off on a personal jet to Paris for a meal at her preferred dining establishment, to design Kevin Kreider who is generally the bad member of the group along for the abundant flight, the series brings brand-new significance to “Crazy Rich Asians” — the 2018 movie the program owes its idea to.

Chiu commands attention right off the bat with her couture closet, celeb cosmetic surgeon partner who is come down from royalty, and their amazing house.

However she stated the program didn’t expose the lots of elements of her life, consisting of more about her as a mom to their practically 3-year-old child “Baby G” and her work at her partner’s practice, which she assisted construct.

“I don’t walk around in high jewelry,” she stated. “I walk around in sweats and Uggs. I blend in very well. You would not recognize me out of a crowd because I don’t wear couture everywhere.”

Chiu stated that initially the program was to be more concentrated on multi-generational Asians of various ethnic groups living their lives in LA.

That rotated after the around the world success of “Crazy Rich Asians.”

“At that time there, there wasn’t an all-Asian ensemble cast, especially for a docuseries,” she stated. “It was an incredible opportunity.”

It was likewise a chance for Chiu to share the story of her fertility battle (she and her partner pursued over a years to get pregnant), something she stated she was intent on to assist others.

“There were many parts that were incredibly real to me and very raw and very in the moment,” she stated. “I know millions of couples are undergoing similar struggles or have undergone, and I wanted to be able to share our journey and to say that it’s OK and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

She stated she’s confident that future seasons of the program will enable audiences to find more elements of who she is.

When It Comes To her and Shay’s relationship, Chiu stated it was her understanding that Shay has actually stated in interviews that the set have actually not spoken or seen each other.

Chiu challenged that, stating “part of me wants to remind her that we have photos together.”

“We went to dinner, I went to her birthday party. Remember there were a lot of people there,” Chiu stated. “We went to dinner together with our best friends, our respective, best friends, her two best friends and my best friend.”

“I think maybe (Shay) has a lot going on and a lot of time has passed since we wrapped,” Chiu included. “So maybe she forgot, but part of me wants to be like, ‘Anna, hello, do you want me to send you the picture? You forgot you treated me to truffle pasta?'”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.