Billie Eilish gives same Vanity Fair interview fifth year in a row

Based upon the recently released interview, the Grammy-award winning vocalist noises “Happier Than Ever.”

That’s the title for her newest studio album, however likewise the state of her life as evidenced in the interview.

“I’m starting to have like an adulthood which is new for me,” the 19-year-old stated. “And very exciting and I have had new experiences and new people and lots of love.”

She likewise viewed her actions from the past and commented that she was “lying” method back when when she stated she didn’t feel pressure.

She now has a various reaction concerning how she attempted to minimize the strength the spotlight in the past.

“This is just me trying to convince myself that I didn’t care,” Eilish stated. “I know that I cared and I was just literally coming up with some stupid quote that would make me pretend that I didn’t care.”

Another huge distinction this year? The star is now a blonde, an appearance she debuted back in March.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.