Biased Corporate Media Is Intentionally Playing Up Bad News For Biden

When excellent financial news comes out, the business media overlooks it however catches any little bit of bad information that they can discover.

Eric Boehlert tweeted the distinction in between the media’s protection of tasks numbers versus their inflation hysterics:

The business media reacted to each piece of problem by validating their prejudiced protection by going out and discovering some Trump advocates who pretend to be non-partisan worried Americans that will assist them press more negativeness.

It is an echo chamber that strengthens itself to provide a message of anger and department.

Democrats Can’t Depend On The Business Media To Spread Their Message

Unlike Republicans, the Democratic Celebration declines to support and buy the media that their citizens check out.  Republicans ensure that their media is supported and has the ability to get the message out for them. Democrats grumble about having no media of their own however neglect the location where individuals who are most likely to support them check out.

Democrats never ever find out. The business media has actually been bullied by Republican politicians for years, so they are frightened to look non-sympathetic to the right. There are a few exceptions like MSNBC and  CNN’s Jim Acosta, but outlets that were once thought of as bastions of neutral journalism are more interested in profit than facts, so they play up division and negativity.

Support media that tells you what the business media won’t. 

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The media’s refusal to cover positive news or why inflation is high. Inflation is a problem that is more than the supply chain. It is a complicated problem that goes back to Trump’s trade war, COVID, and pent-up consumer demand, along with several other factors.

The corporate media uses its power to keep independent media down while providing biased coverage that helps Republicans.

Until Democrats fight back against this dynamic, their message won’t get out, and President Biden won’t get balanced coverage in the mainstream press.


Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.