The Better Business Bureau began an investigation after receiving a complaint regarding a website called JCS Gunshop.

The buyer didn’t get a refund after trying to buy a gun.

“The consumers that we heard from, they did not receive the product that was ordered,” says Denise Groene with the BBB. 

The investigation shows the site made a number of false claims.

“What we believe this individual did is created a website took items from other legitimate gun stores online and put it together to create their website,” Groene said.

Another false claim BBB found, is the apparent false location of its physical address.

The site says the company is located at 1528 N Broadway in Wichita.

KAKE News visited that address and found no sign of a gun business.

“What happens is that 9 times out of 10, these website companies that are created fictitiously aren’t even within the United States,” Groene said.

KAKE News also visited the supposed store’s site at the address, which was still up and running Monday.

Groene said that the best line of defense against suspicious websites like these is doing a little bit of research to make sure the site is legitimate.

“While that’s harder to do in an online setting, compared to going into a brick and mortar location, it requires you take a little bit more time and due diligence in looking into that company.”

If you’d like additional tips on staying safe while shopping online, you can visit the Better Business Bureau’s website.