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Here are 5 reasons that physical fitness specialists utilize vs. Zingfit.


Physical Fitness Service Management Software Application to Run Your Service

Unlike Zingfit, software application is developed to have actually all elements required to run a physical fitness company, huge or little, in one location – making it simple and effective to arrange and grow your physical fitness company with customer and class scheduling, check-ins, and billing — all from your custom-branded app and site.

Physical Fitness Service Management Software Application to Run Your Service

Unlike Zingfit, software application is developed to have actually all elements required to run a physical fitness company, huge or little, in one location – making it simple and effective to arrange and grow your physical fitness company with customer and class scheduling, check-ins, and billing — all from your custom-branded app and site.

Exercise Software Application to Power Your Training

Zingfit does not use exercise software application;, nevertheless, does. The exercise strategy developer and workout supervisor supply versatile options to conserve you time developing exercises with integrated combinations, tools, and more.

Ecommerce Software Application to Increase Earnings

Zingfit does not use the substantial ecommerce choices that offers. provides the range of ecommerce functions, consisting of item sales, payment processing, and offering online training, online subscriptions, and exercise difficulties.

Ecommerce Software Application to Increase Earnings

Zingfit does not use the substantial ecommerce choices that offers. provides the range of ecommerce functions, consisting of item sales, payment processing, and offering online training, online subscriptions, and exercise difficulties.

Evaluation Software Application to Enhance Customer Engagement and Retention

Zingfit does not use physical fitness evaluation software application. With, nevertheless, your customers will get tailored evaluations that provide customized exercises for their private requirements – offering enormous development capacity and conserved time. All for one cost. All on one platform.

Stick Out With Your Own Custom-branded Apps

Zingfit does not use custom-branded sites., nevertheless, provides apps and sites that are completely personalized to make your life much easier by offering your customers with a unified scheduling and exercise experience with your brand name showed front-and-center.

Stick Out With Your Own Custom-branded Apps

Zingfit does not use custom-branded sites, nevertheless, provides apps and sites that are completely personalized to make your life much easier by offering your customers with a unified scheduling and exercise experience with your brand name showed front-and-center.


If you’re all set to get going with an easy-to-navigate, all-in-one physical fitness software application, developed to sustain your company, demand a demonstration with today.

And, if you wish to see how Zingfit’s extra functions accumulate to software application functions, have a look at our thorough guide listed below.

What is Zingfit?

Zingfit is an online physical fitness and health club management software application that concentrates on offering company management options to physical fitness studios.

Zingfit software application is readily available worldwide and has up to 6 various languages. Zingfit has a variety of partners consisting of MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, Solomark Creative, Gympass, and more.

As a FitTech business, there’s not a surprise that there will be some client grievances. Each company has various needs, customers, and third-party suppliers. Grievances about Zingfit consist of:

  • Problem talking to client service associates
  • Limitations on modification for scheduling
  • Restricted outreach through mobile app
  • Expense of including studios
  • Limitations on reports

However, lots of consumers think that Zingfit is a strong item that compares to other significant FitTech business.

Unless otherwise specified, all images and evaluations listed below are of/about the All-In-One Physical fitness Service Management software application platform.

Physical Fitness Service Management Software Application

Zingfit is thought about a SaaS (software application as a Service) business that makes physical fitness company management more effective and more efficient. Their services are concentrated on scheduling, payroll, files, and even personnel management.

Like Zingfit, health club management software application is developed to work as an all-in-one company management resource to take the pressure off of physical fitness studio owners. executes easy to use software application with limitless personalized functions to bring a stimulate to your studio’s existence.

Client/Class Scheduling

Zingfit Area Scheduling® enables consumers to set up classes with particular information like a particular mat, bike, boxing bag, or other choices as enabled by the studio. Zingfit scheduling is readily available online and consists of functions like waitlists and auto-enrollment.

Among the significant grievances on Zingfit scheduling was that there isn’t a method for studio owners to change rates per trainer. For instance, a biking class with a highly-credentialed and knowledgeable trainer may have a various cost than it would with a more unskilled trainer. has calendars for scheduling and enrolling in different classes at different studios with an assortment of instructors. Both companies allow for online payments through the online platform.

Gym/Facility Management

Zingfit does have great gym management features that allow staff members to see their schedules, track their hours, and more. You can even incorporate trainer ratings so that your members can get a better feel for who they’ll be working with if they’re new.

Zingfit adds to staff management with payroll, reporting, essential documents, and even sign-in software. This makes matters much easier for owners.

Staff management is an important asset for gym success. includes staff management, payroll, and reporting with their product just as Zingfit does.

Business Dashboard Reports

Business reports are essential to business growth. Zingfit offers business reporting on attendance, revenue, payroll, and more. As mentioned earlier, reports were one of the primary complaints about Zingfit due to their lack of functionality. offers reports that can be customized to your needs. You’ll be able to run reports on different classes, class times, revenue, check-ins, and more.

Client Automation

Client automation can free up a ton of time for gym owners, trainers, and other fitness studio staff. Beyond some of the standard automated features like emails and reminders, Zingfit can automate customer referrals and rewards programs to increase participation and revenue for your studio.

With, you’ll be able to automate schedules and emails as well. Some additional automated features include fitness assessments, workout plans, nutrition plans, payments, and more. Virtually any service via can be automated.

Dedicated Zapier Support

Zapier is a complimentary feature only provided by that allows users to integrate various apps into one place.

This beneficial add-on allows studio owners to integrate a wide variety of apps to one place so that you can improve access to different site features, share and analyze data, and build the largest site audience possible.

Dedicated Account Manager

Despite the ease and convenience of online support and services, sometimes it’s just easier to call and talk to someone who understands your question(s). One of the top complaints about Zingfit was that it was challenging to actually speak to customer service.

With, you’ll hardly need to call a customer service hotline because you’ll be given a dedicated account manager. This means that when you have problems, concerns, or even new ideas, you’ll have a person to call directly to assist with your needs.

Customized Software

Zingfit has services at different price points. They offer tools that can help boost member morale and bring you more success through marketing schemes. offers the total package but at one constant price. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your package includes certain features. Don’t forget, practically all features are customizable for your convenience.


Custom branding helps to display your company-specific details alongside important business management functions. Although sometimes these features aren’t needed for functional purposes, they do look nice and add a special touch to your software.

Zingfit offers custom-branded apps, schedules, and linking ability so you can integrate your social media accounts onto your mobile app. On the other hand, Zingfit doesn’t provide all of your custom branding needs. You’ll need another service to provide you with a custom website.

iOS & Android Apps

Mobile apps are essential to success in modern times. Your clients can quickly and easily book appointments, pay for services, and receive important notifications via your custom-branded Zingfit app. The mobile app does cost an additional $70 per month with any Zingfit price point. offers the same great features on our mobile apps but without any added expenses. Your custom-branded mobile fitness app is compatible with most phones so clients can stay engaged and use your boutique services at any time.


One of the Zingfit downsides is that they don’t offer custom-branded websites. They will create apps to replicate many of the features your site has, but you’ll have to use another company for your original website creation and design. Odds are you will also be paying that company. custom-brands and SEO-optimizes fitness websites for you. You’ll have all of the necessary tools to have a multi-functional website with the added benefit of marketing at no additional charge.

Security Features

Zingfit does have security features where it is necessary. For payment solutions, Zingfit and both use Stripe payment processing. Stripe protects payment information regardless of location. continues adding security via encryption, SSL Secure, and more. With added responsibility comes added features for your protection.

Marketing Integrations

Marketing is essential to ensure business growth. Zingfit offers quite a bit of marketing tools to help promote your business.

Once you have members or clients, you’ll be able to take advantage of reward and loyalty campaigns. This is a nice way to get your members to spend more money on your products, whether it be merchandise, classes, or even refreshments.

Beyond in-house rewards, Zingfit integrates social media engagement and email marketing to increase your brand’s outreach. Zingfit and share the responsibility of using MailChimp to help with email blasts.

In addition to MailChimp, both companies also utilize Google Analytics to help identify when customers are visiting your studio, what they’re saying, and how people are finding you. stands alone with added marketing resources such as:

  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Pixel takes marketing seriously. All of these marketing resources come included at one price. Some of the main marketing features with Zingfit are only available with their top two product options.

Learn more by clicking the button below. is the best Zingfit alternative.

Workout Software is one of very few fitness software providers that incorporate workout software.’s workout software is accessible, customizable, and able to be automated. How does Zingfit stack up?

Workout Creator/Logger

Zingfit does not have software that allows them to integrate workouts on your app or website. For studio owners, this means that your clients may not be able to effectively complete home workouts if they can’t make it to your facility.

Let’s face it, we can’t make it to the gym every day. How easy is it to relax on the couch because you can’t find childcare or your car is in the shop? With, there are no excuses.

You and your staff can design workouts that can be promoted on your website or app. This means that your clients have no excuses even if they can’t make it to you. Fewer excuses mean better results.

1-1 Training

Zingfit software will allow you to schedule and sell one-on-one training using your software, but that’s where productivity ends. will allow your staff to sell, schedule, monitor, and conduct one-on-one workouts through your software.

Group Training has group training compatibility so that your staff can monitor and conduct workouts, even in group formats.

Online Training

Online training is growing worldwide. Although Zingfit software won’t be able to be used to conduct online personal training, you’ll be able to live-stream your group sessions or classes so that other guests can join in or watch to see what you’re class is like. allows for live streaming as well as individual online training. With added resources like an exercise library, you’ll be able to help guide your clients through rigorous workouts from anywhere. Clients on vacation, no problem.

Exercise Library

Another bonus feature that is only offered by is a customizable exercise library that is available to help your clients get a visual of whatever exercises you find appropriate.

Since emphasizes custom branding, your exercise library can feature your own staff and/or members to continue incorporating familiar faces, logos, and even custom exercises.

Custom Exercises

The exercises you perform at a boot-camp boutique may differ from those at a yoga studio. Some CrossFit moves might have different names than what you’re accustomed to from your old gym.

As a fitness studio owner, you can name and create whatever exercises you like so that your members are all on the same page. If you have a large arsenal of exercise modifications, you’ll be able to provide your clients with countless alternatives to promote their safety.

TV Workouts

With so many features, has a unique compilation of management solutions, marketing tools, and workout integrations. Not only will you be able to custom-design your exercises and workouts for your clients, but you can also cast them directly to your TVs.

Whether you’d like to stream a new exercise or promote a variety of exercise modifications to make your clients comfortable, you can cast any exercises and workouts onto the TVs surrounding your facility. Zingfit does have resources that allow boutique owners to stream entire workouts on televisions. These workouts can be streamed or added as a premium service for fitness boutique owners to sell. With, however, this feature is included.

Gym Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce software assists gym and fitness studio owners with increasing total revenue through merchandise, refreshments, and other custom-branded products. Many fitness studio management systems lack the ability to use functional point-of-sale services.

With Zingfit, you’ll have access to in-studio point-of-sale to collect payments for an assortment of products. This supplements standard payment for memberships, registration fees, and other related payments. But can it beat Gym Ecommerce software?

Payment Processing

Payment processing with Zingfit is secure and available internationally. Both Zingfit and use Stripe for payment processing. Stripe is a third-party service that has level fees for each purchase.

Sell Products

Most fitness studios have apparel and related gym equipment for sale. Zingfit allows fitness studio owners to sell, track, and manage an assortment of products. Remember, merchandise and apparel are great marketing tools. also integrates product sales both in-person or online. This means that your members can purchase your products in person, on your website, and even through your customized mobile app. Beyond that, training packages will be available on your POS system.

Sell Workout Plans

A feature unique to is the sale of workout plans. This doesn’t mean that you’re simply selling a training package, rather, you’re selling a pre-designed training regimen that any member can purchase at their convenience.

Sometimes people don’t want to think about what they need to do during their workout, other times, they may just need a change of pace. Regardless of the situation, your members can purchase a pre-designed plan that you or your trainers have designed.

Offer Online Workout Memberships

Online workout memberships are another feature unique to This feature allows fitness boutiques to sell and monitor online training packages as desired.

Online training memberships can be organized so that trainers won’t have to allocate a substantial amount of time. By automating program delivery, your clients will receive their workouts through automated software at their scheduled time.

Sell Workout Challenges

Workout challenges are another simple way to increase fitness boutique participation and encourage dedication from clients. With Zingfit, your clients will be able to track their progress with Fitness Metrics Integrations.

These integrations make it easier for you to run fitness challenges based on distance or calories over a specific time-frame. For example, you could have a 30-mile challenge for January to encourage members to walk or run about a mile per day. also allows you to sell workout challenges to promote fitness center participation. More participation can help to boost morale and bring more referrals to your location.

Health and Fitness Assessment Software

Despite having the ability to measure fitness metrics, Zingfit does not provide a service that directly enables client assessments. Remember that assessments help to measure progress. More progress turns into continued referrals.

Fitness Assessments

Unlike Zingfit, does provide fitness assessment software to help organize, sell, and even automate fitness assessments. This helps your staff keep track of when a client should undergo an assessment while providing you an ability to compare previous results.

Performance & Measurement Reports

We all want progress, right? Progress should be measurable. With Zingfit, you’ll be able to measure basic fitness metrics like calories, distance, and even power. will allow you to track assessments and workouts so that you can measure different types of progress, helping to ensure client adherence.


Nutrition is an important component of any fitness regimen. Many people need guidance and accountability when it comes to what they eat. You won’t get much help from Zingfit in the realm of nutrition packages. provides nutrition tracking via MyFitnessPal so your clients will be able to monitor and adjust their food intake. Even the process of logging food intake can help some people to make better choices. Better choices, better results.

Zingfit Pricing

Fitness business software comes in many formats. Zingfit has a few product options.

You’ll want to be mindful that there are some additional fees for the mobile app, performance metrics, and even SES verification.

With, you’ll pay one fee that includes every feature we’ve discussed throughout this article.

Zingfit Alternatives

If Zingfit is the first fitness boutique software company you’ve come across, you’ll want to take a look at some of the top alternatives to Zingfit.

What are alternatives to Zingfit? Take a look below to see some common household names in fitness studio management.

Above you’ll get an idea of what you could be paying for some of the top Zingfit alternatives.

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

If you did decide to research the Zingfit alternatives and competitors, you might have found yourself looking at an onslaught of information. Here, we’ll highlight the downsides of Zingfit to simplify what we’ve covered.

Zingfit Cons

Overall, Zingfit appears to be a competitive fitness business management software option. The major issues are increased prices for features like a mobile app, no website design, and missing features like one-on-one training, nutrition packages, workout software, and assessment software. Pros offers all of the same features as Zingfit – and more. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that has your website, app, and all other services covered at one level cost.

Run into problems? No worries, our dedicated account manager is just a phone call away. Full functionality and convenience set apart from others.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Zingfit and are ready to grow and manage your business with fully customizable software application, book a demo with

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