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Physical Fitness Organization Management Software Application to Run Your Organization

Unlike FitnessSoft, software application is developed to have actually all parts required to run a physical fitness organization, huge or little, in one location – making it simple and effective to arrange and grow your physical fitness organization with customer and class scheduling, check-ins, and billing — all from your custom-branded app and site.

Physical Fitness Organization Management Software Application to Run Your Organization

Unlike FitnessSoft, software application is developed to have actually all parts required to run a physical fitness organization, huge or little, in one location – making it simple and effective to arrange and grow your physical fitness organization with customer and class scheduling, check-ins, and billing — all from your custom-branded app and site.

Exercise Software Application to Power Your Training

FitnessSoft does not provide exercise software application;, nevertheless, does. The exercise strategy developer and workout supervisor offer versatile options to conserve you time developing exercises with integrated combinations, tools, and more.

Ecommerce Software Application to Increase Profits

FitnessSoft does not provide the comprehensive ecommerce alternatives that offers. uses the range of ecommerce functions, consisting of item sales, payment processing, and offering online training, online subscriptions, and exercise difficulties.

Ecommerce Software Application to Increase Profits

FitnessSoft does not provide the comprehensive ecommerce alternatives that offers. uses the range of ecommerce functions, consisting of item sales, payment processing, and offering online training, online subscriptions, and exercise difficulties.

Evaluation Software Application to Enhance Customer Engagement and Retention

FitnessSoft just uses evaluations as an add-on. With, nevertheless, evaluation software application is consisted of. Your customers will get tailored evaluations that provide custom-made exercises for their specific requirements – supplying enormous development capacity and conserved time. All for one rate. All on one platform.

Stick Out With Your Own Custom-branded Apps

FitnessSoft does not provide custom-branded sites., nevertheless, uses apps and sites that are totally personalized to make your life much easier by supplying your customers with a unified scheduling and exercise experience with your brand name showed front-and-center.

Stick Out With Your Own Custom-branded Apps

FitnessSoft does not provide custom-branded sites, nevertheless, uses apps and sites that are totally personalized to make your life much easier by supplying your customers with a unified scheduling and exercise experience with your brand name showed front-and-center.


If you’re prepared to begin with an easy-to-navigate, all-in-one physical fitness software application, developed to sustain your organization, demand a demonstration with today.

And, if you wish to see how FitnessSoft’s extra functions accumulate to software application functions, take a look at our extensive guide listed below.

What is FitnessSoft?

FitnessSoft is a popular business that offers health club management software application. FitnessSoft is developed for usage with health clubs, gym, gym, and different studios.

Because FitnessSoft is an item that can be set straight onto your computer system systems, it can be utilized in gym anywhere. FitnessSoft is not an American-made business as its business telephone number remains in Bahrain.

The FitnessSoft evaluations recommend that the software application requires some significant enhancements to complete with other leading physical fitness software application service providers. There aren’t lots of evaluations to pick from, nevertheless, the one that stands apart states that FitnessSoft is “Not fit for a business”.

It’s tough to discover an item that fulfills all of your management and user interface requirements. This FitnessSoft introduction need to assist you choose if FitnessSoft is best for your business. has actually worked relentlessly to be sure that no issues emerge that might trigger significant issues for daily operations. Which item is the very best choice? Let’s discover.

Unless otherwise specified, all images and evaluations listed below are of/about the All-In-One Physical fitness Organization Management software application platform.

Physical Fitness Organization Management Software Application

As a physical fitness company owner, you’re most likely tired of dealing with an increase of services. Cleaning up teams, energies, devices services, and other vital services use up enough of your energy and time.

Assembling as lots of functions as possible into one service can assist in saving time and confusion. software application enables users to access most of their organization requirements with included performance to track, offer, and automate those services.

Can FitnessSoft step up to the obstacle?

Customer/Class Scheduling

Client and class schedules are thought about a vital element of a lot of gym. Having software that helps you to schedule clients will help to be sure you don’t exceed capacity, have enough clients, and that your staff can be prepared when classes commence.

FitnessSoft does offer scheduling features as an add-on to the original software. With this, clients can schedule, reschedule, and cancel classes online. This saves time and frustration for everyone. also incorporates scheduling that can be performed online, in-person, or via our mobile app. With, scheduling features come at no additional cost.

Gym/Facility Management

Convenience is key in today’s era. Your fitness business software should be able to help speed up the process of tracking business expenses, memberships, quick search member details, and more. Both and FitnessSoft have the resources to help you better manage your business.

One of the main differences between and FitnessSoft is that these features are often considered add-ons with FitnessSoft but are included with the software. Some management solutions that FitnessSoft labels add-ons include:

  • Member Check-ins
  • Club Expense Reports
  • Employee Salary & Expenses
  • Scheduling

Every add-on will increase the price you would have expected to pay, so be aware.

Business Dashboard Reports

Business reports are important to encourage growth, limit losses, and make sure that your business is profitable. Whether you own your business based on passion or not, you’ll need to pay the bills.

FitnessSoft does offer an assortment of reports that would be beneficial for your fitness facility. You’ll be able to monitor active or expired members, cash flow, product sales, daily sales, and more. also features an array of reports that can provide analytics on the same variables as FitnessSoft. You’ll also be able to analyze log-in times, class attendance, and more. This all helps to be sure you’re allocating your resources appropriately.

Customer Automation

With so much going on, it’s often hard for gym owners to keep track of every workout, every class, every payment, product inventory, and so on. Client automation helps fitness center owners and staff to schedule and automate many services that the club offers.

With FitnessSoft, your ability to automate services is very limited. For automation, FitnessSoft has automated/recurring payments and automated access control. Automated payments are essential for fitness centers to be sure they get paid.

Sometimes members want out of a contract and sometimes their payment method has simply expired, either way, you’ll want to be covered.

FitnessSoft also helps to allow or disallow facility entry with their 24/7 access control. This helps in case you own a 24-hour facility that isn’t monitored at certain hours. Former members won’t be able to enter the facility until they become current. also offers 24/7 access control via Kisi. aspires to ensure that fitness center management is made easy. This software includes automation for additional features like:

  • Workout Packages
  • Assessments
  • Nutrition Packages
  • Alerts and Emails
  • Other resources

Trainers are already busy enough trying to manage their clients throughout the day. Client automation helps your business remain functional and become even more efficient.

Dedicated Zapier Support

FitnessSoft is an easy-to-install software program that provides many useful features, but it doesn’t correspond with a service like Zapier., however, does.

Zapier is a service that allows you to integrate many apps into one convenient place. This means you can link together all of your social media accounts, website, payment processing service, and many other app-friendly services into one place.

This will help your members navigate your brand effectively and with ease. The more convenient your site and app are, the less time you’ll need to spend answering questions for members.

Dedicated Account Manager

Convenience should be a major factor when considering business management software. FitnessSoft has some convenience concepts such as a one-time payment for the software, no required internet, and so on. But what happens if you run into issues? has you covered if you have any problems. Each account is delegated a dedicated account manager to assure that they won’t be without an operating system for a prolonged amount of time.

We’ve all been stuck on the end of a customer service call while waiting to get to an actual human to answer your questions. makes sure that’s not the case.

Customized Software

Mobile apps are provided by both FitnessSoft and With each, you’ll be able to complete important functions such as obtain payment, send notifications, review sales, sell products, and even showcase your staff.


Having a website and app increases your apparent legitimacy so that more and more prospective clients will give your business a chance. The better your products look, the more appealing they will be to those prospective customers.

FitnessSoft does integrate a limited amount of custom-branding for the mobile app. will custom-brand almost every feature they have, including websites, apps, calendars, and more.

iOS & Android Apps

Mobile apps are important for modern-day success in any industry. Both FitnessSoft and offer mobile apps that are user-friendly and convenient.’s branded mobile fitness apps are custom-built to match your brand’s colors and schemes.


Another hidden expense for health and fitness businesses is a website. Many fitness business management platforms rely on the company having a website already. FitnessSoft appears to be one of those companies.

With, you’ll be provided with a custom-branded, SEO-optimized fitness business website.

Security Features

FitnessSoft has basic security features that should help customers by providing safe payment services. Since the software doesn’t provide you a personal website, you won’t have many other security features. uses a combination of safety features to ensure privacy, protect payment information, and more. A combination of SSL Secure, Google Cloud, and Privacy Shield Framework help to ensure you remain safe from external threats on your website and app.

Marketing Integrations

Do you want your business to expand and generate more revenue? Marketing is a major proponent that drives sales. FitnessSoft has a limited ability to provide marketing resources. Their software does provide basic functions like push notifications, emails, and so on. helps to promote business growth through a variety of marketing tools. Marketing from starts with your website’s search engine optimization, bringing in new viewers.

From there, you’ll be able to take advantage of features like email marketing through MailChimp and ConstantContact, app support and integration with Zapier, and traffic analysis through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Needless to say, you can anticipate generating new leads thanks to your investment in

Learn more by clicking the button below. is the best FitnessSoft alternative.

Workout Software

Management is one thing, but what about having functional resources to support your business? With FitnessSoft, there are some limitations on software capability as it relates to workouts.

FitnessSoft is primarily useful for providing management assistance through scheduling, payment processing, member details, and other essential business tasks. Can it be better?

Workout software can help to make your business less one-dimensional. provides this feature without adding any additional fees. Let’s see how.

Workout Creator/Logger

As a fitness center owner, you and your staff should be able to quickly generate workouts for your clients. With’s workout software, you can provide those workouts to your clients quickly and easily so that they can perform and log them.

1-1 Training

One-on-one training is a popular training option that can get rather detailed. You’ll be expected to create personalized workout routines while regularly checking in to be sure your client is staying on track.

With FitnessSoft, you’ll be doing most of that face-to-face. FitnessSoft software doesn’t provide you with the ability to create, send, and log client workouts in one convenient place. You can always rely on email or text messaging, but that can get messy. allows you to create, send, and even automate personalized workouts for your clients. This is yet another major bonus as you save time while bringing in more money.

Group Training

Group training is another popular option that can bring in a significant amount of revenue. Training in a group format can improve engagement for your clients. With, you’ll be able to create and monitor group workouts to build a sense of family amongst your clients.

Online Training

The workout software is useful for live or future workout sessions. No matter the size of the party, you’ll be able to send workouts as you desire. Online training is an easy way to get clients started while overcoming workout barriers like time, travel, and even childcare.

Exercise Library continues to make workout software more effective by incorporating an exercise library. With this feature, you can create and add an unlimited number of exercises that can serve as a visual guide for your clients. You can create your own exercise names, emphasize key points, and feature familiar faces from your organization.

Custom Exercises

The exercise library with doesn’t have to be just standard movements we use commonly in a fitness facility. If you’re a Bootcamp studio you’ll be able to add details on how to properly climb a rope whereas a dance-fitness studio might want to break down a new step or movement.

Custom exercises are a great feature provided by to help keep your members on the same page while maximizing the effectiveness of incorporating online workouts.

TV Workouts

FitnessSoft has many great features but some of the amenities are still limited. TV workouts can be a nice touch in your studio or facility to promote various exercises, a specific class, or a combination. You’ll be able to stream these items onto your facility TVs which helps to promote your products while adding a unique touch to the environment.

Gym Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce is a fundamental component of business development. Adding an online market where members or guests can purchase your products brings in more revenue while often serving as a paid marketing tool.

FitnessSoft does offer point of service sales, but they are limited with the overall ecommerce experience. Can FitnessSoft produce gym ecommerce software that compares with’s?

Payment Processing

Payment processing helps to ensure your company gets paid. There are many third-party payment processors that can facilitate membership payments, point of service sales, and other fees or expenses for members.

FitnessSoft doesn’t identify who their “global payment providers” are but does mention that payments can be accepted via mobile app, in-person, or through recurring payments. These payments typically go straight to your bank account to protect against theft. utilizes Stripe as a third-party payment processor. Stripe provides added security while processing payments via your website, app, in-person, or automated payments. There are reasonable and level processing fees through Stripe.

Sell Products

Both FitnessSoft and allow facilities to sell products. The primary difference between the two companies is that you will be limited with what and where you can sell things using FitnessSoft.

For example, since FitnessSoft doesn’t provide a website, you won’t be given an online marketplace to sell products. If you do decide to do so, you’ll be paying for website fees alongside payment processing fees from another company on top of what you pay FitnessSoft.

With, you have an all-in-one solution to membership, registration, and merchandise sales. You’ll simply pay your expenses and any processing fees via Stripe.

Sell Workout Plans

Selling workout plans is a smart idea if you have the resources to do so. Some clients are familiar with many exercises and might not be able to afford one-on-one or group training. They might just need a little insight on how much and when they should be performing those exercises.

In this case, you can sell workout plans with both FitnessSoft and, but the quality of delivery isn’t the same. With FitnessSoft, you’d be required to sell workout plans using the point of service system and would have to provide them the plan through email or as a hard copy.

With, you could put the workout plans up for sale on your website and app, have them accessible there, and the buyer would have additional resources like your exercise library to help guide them.

Offer Online Workout Memberships software allows you to take advantage of the online workout boom. You’ll be able to sell and administer online workouts that can be monitored if the client desires. You can use other features like automated workouts to schedule your client’s workouts ahead of time.

Sell Workout Challenges

Workout challenges can be an effective means of improving morale and engagement within a fitness establishment. You’ll be able to moderate workout challenges that can be sold and organized through your software.

Health and Fitness Assessment Software

Fitness assessments are one of the most important components of any fitness business. These help you measure progress and improve customer satisfaction, so having reliable fitness assessment software is crucial.

Fitness Assessments

Both FitnessSoft and can incorporate fitness assessments using their software. even allows you to automate assessments so that you can schedule them ahead of time.

FitnessSoft assessments are another feature that is thought about a software add-on. The company doesn’t disclose how much you will be paying for these add-ons.

Performance & Measurement Reports

The primary reports with FitnessSoft will be through their fitness assessments. has a more thorough ability to help clients measure progress.

Members will be able to log and track progress from their day-to-day workouts, assessment changes, and more. You’ll even be able to take a deeper look into their nutrition tendencies.


Nutrition is often the missing element of an effective workout regimen. Poor nutrition is hard to overcome and seems to be the weakness of many gym-goers. allows members to track what they eat each day to stay within a specific range and likely see better results. FitnessSoft does not provide nutrition logging or tracking.

FitnessSoft Pricing

FitnessSoft does not provide any pricing on its company website. There are some FitnessSoft products available through third-party distributors. The base FitnessSoft price here is $749.

Adding on features like scheduling, check-ins, body measurement, and payroll could increase this prospective price significantly.

FitnessSoft Alternatives

FitnessSoft alternatives and competitors all provide various physical fitness management solutions. The top alternatives to FitnessSoft have gym management software application that covers client scheduling, member registration, point of service sales, workout logging, and marketing.

Some of the top alternatives & competitors to FitnessSoft include:

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

FitnessSoft offers a convenient product that can be installed onto your computer(s) without much else required. You’ll be able to make one large payment and move on rather than having continuous monthly payments. There is an assortment of basic features and add-ons that could improve the quality of your fitness studio’s day-to-day operations.

FitnessSoft Cons

FitnessSoft gym management software does have some limitations that make the software less effective than it could be. Below we highlight some of the downsides to FitnessSoft.

  • No website included
  • Many features are add-ons (more expensive)
  • No workout plans included
  • No nutrition plans included

Without some of these functional features, you and your studio personnel will be working harder than they might need to. Why waste time when you could be making money while saving energy? Pros offers a gamut of fitness software application benefits. Whether you’re looking to build a custom exercise library, automate fitness assessments, or simply analyze business metrics, fitness business software has you covered. You’ll likewise be comforted knowing you have unique benefits like:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Mobile App Integration with Zapier
  • Marketing Assistance and Resources
  • Product Automation
  • Full Website Design

Beyond assisting with many day-to-day operations, ensures that your business will get as many visitors as possible. With so many competing physical fitness businesses, gives you the best customer experience possible.

If you’re looking for an alternative to FitnessSoft and are ready to grow and manage your organization with fully customizable software application, book a demo with

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