Best Celebrity Clapbacks of 2020 (So Far)!!!

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By signing on to become ‘of celeb status’ and basically live your life in the public eye, chances of being dragged, scrutinized, and/or shamed for just about anything are just about as good as gold. Thankfully signing on for all that being a celeb entails also requires thick skin, and the ability to brush off the haters… Or in this case, completely SILENCE them with an EPIC jaw-dropping-slow-clapping clap back.We may only be two months into the new year, but join us right now as we break down the best celeb clapbacks of 2020, so far.What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News, and trust me when I say that a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Basically what I’m getting at is that it’s 2020 and celebs have no time for harsh critics and their trash comments, and absolutely refuse to let inappropriate opinions slide.You think that was harsh, just you wait.Lizzo is used to being scrutinized by her haters for everything ranging from body weight to outlandish outfits, but it was an unwarranted comment from Jillian Michaels that rubbed her the wrong way. Although Lizzo’s constant body positivity is praised by many, the celebrity trainer appeared on Buzzfeed News just three days after Lizzo quit Twitter due to Internet trolls, and started the controversial response to her question, “Why are we celebrating Lizzo’s body?”
Yeah… ouch.

Lizzo clearly got word of Jillian’s remark, and seemed pretty unphased by the whole thing, considering she responded in the most calm and rational way possible.

She took to Instagram to post a video while vacationing in Australia, with the caption, “At the 25 second mark I want you to take 5 deep breaths… in through the nose… out through the mouth.. today’s mantra is: This is my life. I have done nothing wrong. I forgive myself for thinking I was wrong in the first place. I deserve to be happy.”
But JK on the whole ‘cool, calm and collected’ thing because she also shared a not-at-ALL-safe-for-work suggestion after that, but I’ll spare you the details.

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