Battlefield 2042 won’t have voice chat at launch

Battleground 2042 has actually gotten here in its early gain access to duration, a week ahead of its public release on Nov. 19, however it’s missing out on something that some gamers may discover important: voice chat. The function won’t make its method into the video game till at some point after the correct launch, designer DICE informed Polygon.

Interaction is considerably harder without voice chat, however Battleground 2042 does have a ping system with in-depth menus to choose precisely what you’re attempting to highlight for your squadmates. Sadly, utilizing pings is incredibly uncomfortable and troublesome, and needs tripping through numerous menus to get the ideal ping — instead of the clever ping system of video games like Peak Legends.

The lack of voice chat is frustrating for a social solo player in any of Battlefield 2042’s modes, but it’s most noticeable in Hazard Zone. That’s the game’s squad-based tactical mode, which pits you and your three allies against numerous enemy squads and AI opponents. Hazard Zone is designed to be a careful and strategic experience, but the absence of voice chat makes it a massive pain to play alone. It robs the mode of most of its fun if you don’t have a dedicated squad of friends to play with, whom you can talk to via Discord or your console’s party chat.

DICE didn’t explain its reasoning for excluding voice chat from Battleground 2042’s launch, however the studio did say that it is working on the feature and that it should be added soon after release — though the developer didn’t specify when that might be. The video game will be available for everyone on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One on Nov. 19.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long included to this report.