Battlefield 2042 mad about Santa Claus skin, DICE responds

Battleground 2042 gamers, a number of them currently irritated by the instructions and existing state of Electronic Arts and DICE’s brand-new video game, appeared none too delighted to see Santa Claus — or rather a Santa-themed skin — appear amongst the shooter’s upcoming holiday-themed cosmetics on Thursday. The skin is for Battleground 2042’s Russian fighter, Boris Guskovsky, it’s called Daddy Christmas, and for some Battleground gamers, it’s just too ridiculous for the video game’s grim military near-future sci-fi setting.

“I knew clown show skins like these were coming,” one gamer stated on the video game’s subreddit. “But DICE wasted no time and added them in the very first update. Incredible.” Another popular response originates from a likewise irritated Battleground fan, who stated, “This shit is straight outta the Warzone store,” describing the cosmetics-heavy Call of Responsibility competitors.

The Daddy Christmas skin appears to have actually dripped out a bit previously than DICE prepared, and without much context. Other skins, consisting of holiday-themed covers for a tank and helicopter, were likewise found (and rapidly panned) by gamers.

Inconvenience and anger at those cosmetics appears enhanced by Battleground 2042’s launch concerns; DICE presented an upgrade on Thursday that intends to repair a variety of concerns with the video game, however Battleground 2042 currently has a “mostly negative” user action on Steam, where the video game’s gamer base is rapidly diminishing, according to information from SteamCharts.

Gamers’ action to Daddy Christmas and other holiday-themed cosmetics in Battleground 2042 required DICE to react through its Direct Interaction Twitter account. Developers tried to discuss the ideas behind establishing those skins and to ensure gamers the studio is working to resolve the neighborhood’s bigger issues.

“Development for Live Service requires us to work months in advance, and enables us to have options when we reach key moments in our first year,” DICE stated. “Today, we have other top priorities, therefore whilst we have the skins, we currently have no strategies to make use of all of them this Vacation.

“We also create unique cosmetics for single time use in special Battlefield Portal modes to further enhance the fantasy in special events. Throughout our live service, you may occasionally encounter these mode locked cosmetics, which don’t impact the rest of the game.”

DICE stated that producing those unique modes offers the group with “exciting new opportunities that let us explore with more creative freedom than before,” including, “Having you all along for the journey is something we don’t take for granted, and we’ll be grateful to hear your experience with those modes.”

EA and DICE revealed huge modifications for Battleground on Thursday, consisting of the visit of Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella as brand-new head of the franchise and prepare for a “connected Battlefield universe.” That broadened universe is being established at a range of studios, consisting of DICE; Battleground Website designer Causal sequence (née DICE LA); Marcus Lehto’s brand-new, unnamed, Seattle-based studio; and Industrial Toys, the Alex Seropian-led studio dealing with a Battleground mobile video game.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.