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CUBERS: Arena is an electrifying arena brawler/twin-stick slasher video game. Play as Baller, a servant combating his method through a variety of gladiators to recover his liberty.

Complex and immersive video game modes; 4 distinctively themed arenas, all with their own climatic results and opponents, destructible environments and manager battles in Project mode. A substantial line up of multiplayer (and solo!) mini-games!

Select from a toolbox of over a 100 special weapons, armory, and abilities to combat off waves of opponents.

"Free-for-all” friendly fire system, implying traps and opponents can injure everybody, enabling complicated tactical alternatives. Observe and prepare who to beat very first and who will unsuspectingly assist you in fight!

Dynamic 360 fight experience. Slash opponents and relocate any instructions. Fluid gameplay indicates gamers have more control.

Gain points by playing project mode and mini video games. Complete with other gamers for the greatest rating on the leaderboard!

Item Details:
Designer: Black Island Studios
Publisher: Interaction Home Entertainment
Site: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
Twitter: @BlackIsleStudio@InterplayGames

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