Bakery selling special edition cookies to help make a girl’s dream come true | Black History Month

COLUMBIA – WildFlour Bakeshop is offering scandal sheet Black History Month cookies and all earnings will go to a young 12-year-old lady to make her dream become a reality.

WildFlour Bakeshop is an internal bakeshop in Fulton. The owner, Krystle McKenzie, began the bakeshop in October and understood she wished to do something unique for Black History Month.

“I wanted to celebrate the month in a different way,” McKenzie stated. 

While scrolling on Pinterest, she discovered her motivation behind the cookies. She rapidly went to work to discover cookie cutters. She refined her styles after the very first batch she made. 

The cookie develops includes a Black Power fist, a Black Queen and a black heart that can be personalized to state queen, king or anything a client would like for it to state. 

McKenzie understood she wished to do something unique with the cash she would make from the unique batch. 

I knew ahead of time that I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds to either a Black-owned business or a student,” McKenzie said. 

McKenzie decided to donate all proceeds to a 12-year-old girl who has been dreaming of going to her cheer competition in Florida. Last year, the competition was cancelled, but now she gets the chance to complete her dream. 

A box of one dozen cookies costs $25, and customers can place their orders through the bakery’s Facebook page. The goal is to raise $2,000 to help send the young cheerleader to her competition.


Vella Wycoff-Flemming has actually been cheering for 5 years. When she discovered what the bakeshop was providing for her, she was stunned. 

“I couldn’t really believe it,” Vella said. “It surprised me a lot. It’s always been my dream to go to a big competition like this.”

Vella’s mother, Robin Flemming, is grateful for what WildFlour Bakeshop is doing since she gets to see her child live out her dream. 

“To watch your kid do something that they absolutely love to do and it to be something that calms her and helps her get through the days of things that she’s went through in the past,” Robin said. “It’s definitely fulfilling to see her dreams come complete reality and go full circle.”

Vella enjoys to cheer, and she wishes to have the ability to go to Florida to contend with her good friends.

“I’m just really excited to be able to compete with my best, best friends that I’ve been friends with for so long,” Vella stated. 

The huge competitors remains in May, however the cash is due in March.

Vella and Robin state they are appreciative for not just what McKenzie is doing, however likewise for everybody who positions an order. 

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.