Bakersfield DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you may feel the need to immediately contact a Bakersfield DUI attorney. You probably also know that not being able to properly defend yourself can lead to a costly conviction. However, you should also realize that there are certain rights that may give you more chances to get out of jail or prison than others. It’s important to know what these rights are so you can act accordingly. With that said, you might want to look into the following:


Unfortunately, your criminal record is not something you can erase. Even if you were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your record still shows up unless you get an expungement or discharge from the DUI charge. So even if you were arrested for a DUI while drunk, you may have a tainted criminal record until a friend decides to clean it up after your arrest. Therefore, if at all possible, you should quickly find a local dui attorney near you to start the process of clearing your name.


Many people who are arrested for a DUI don’t realize that many times a driving under the influence charge is based on a previous traffic ticket. In many parts of the country, driving under the influence laws make no allowance for driving while intoxicated, meaning many people get charged with a DUI even if they haven’t had a drink to wine yet. As a result, these traffic ticket convictions can become part of your permanent record. The court may even make some changes to your record, such as making it easier to obtain a current license if your record shows a traffic violation while intoxicated. If your record has many of these types of violations, it is very important that you find a Bakersfield dui attorney to help clear your name immediately.


A DUI will be on your permanent record for up to ten years, even if the charge is later dropped. This means that at the age of twenty, if you are charged with a DUI, you will have to wait ten years before you can apply for a driver’s license. This means that if at the age of twenty you already have a driver’s license, you could easily be at risk of having to get a fresh license if the charge is later dropped. Because of this reason, it is imperative that you start looking for an attorney as soon as possible, especially if your initial DUI charge is dismissed.


When searching for an attorney, you need to know that different attorneys specialize in different areas. For example, if you have a prior criminal record of drug abuse or alcoholism, an attorney specializing in this field may not be the best choice. If you just got arrested for a DUI, your choices would include defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge. One recent study found that only seven percent of DUI cases went to trial. Since the vast majority go to courtrooms, the least you can do is to hire a competent Bakersfield DUI attorney who can help get your charges thrown out.


If you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) based on the results of a field sobriety test, you will most likely have a consultation with your attorney prior to any formal proceedings. In this meeting, he or she may discuss how to challenge the results of the tests, whether there are any other reasonable alternatives to the tests, as well as other issues pertaining to your specific situation. Your DUI attorney may also advise you to take some measurements at home, such as taking your temperature and blood pressure, in order to prove that you were not driving under the influence at the time of your arrest.


Even if you are not charged with a DUI-related offense, it is still important to hire a professional when it comes to fighting traffic citations. Although drunk driving is illegal, many California residents are still prosecuted for the infractions even when they did not do anything wrong. California’s “three strikes and you’re out” law are one of the strictest in the country, so a person with a DUI on their record can receive jail time for multiple infractions. Hiring a Bakersfield DUI attorney can make sure that your rights are not violated.


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has become more of an epidemic in recent years. Between 20 percent and thirty percent of drivers arrested for a DUI have tested positive for drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, many innocent people are being convicted of crimes they did not commit simply because the police conducted the field sobriety tests and failed to consider the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. When you are arrested for a DUI, you should not plead to a lesser charge unless you can provide solid proof that you were not driving while intoxicated. If you are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, you should consult with a competent Bakersfield DUI attorney before you decide what course of action to take.