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You’re not unique. You’re not a hero. Thrust into regrettable situations, you discover yourself with no other alternative than to decipher what may be your greatest case yet.

There is no option. We alter, however we alter absolutely nothing. Get to work, investigator.


Foundation is a post-noir narrative experience. End up being raccoon private detective Howard Lotor and check out dystopian Vancouver lived in by animals as you reveal a deeply individual story of modification and change.

Foundation is motivated by movie noir, unusual sci-fi, post-soviet visual appeals, contemporary political routines, the works of Lynch and Kaufman, and existential viewpoint of Sartre. It is a direct, cinematic narrative experience that overturns category and difficulties your understanding of what it suggests to be an individual.


Foundation’s gameplay is concentrated on storytelling and psychological expression, including abundant and intricate discussions motivated by old-fashioned CRPGs, along with expedition of the lavish environments. Completion of all things is inescapable, however specifying which variation of Howard Lotor reaches the conclusion depends on you.

As Howard, you will:

• Make significant connections with a varied cast of characters in pursuit of fact
• Forming and reveal your identity through discussion options – choose what type of individual you wish to be
• Check out and experience both downtrodden and prospering districts of an unusual, yet familiar variation of Vancouver
• Pertain to terms with the universal discomfort of presence and loss
• Be a raccoon


Post-noir dystopia

Foundation’s Vancouver is a hazardous location, bleak and bleak, however not completely without hope. It’s a tale of a cold and unconcerned world, sprinkled with real connections and a bruised however undying drive to make a distinction. Everybody wishes to alter the world, however not constantly for the much better.

Spectacular visuals

The awesome mix of high-resolution pixel art and 3D results like vibrant lighting, putting rain, volumetric fog and neon lights bring the stretching City to life. Check out renowned Vancouver areas like Gastown, Granville and Fairmont Hotel, reimagined in a world now lived in by anthropomorphic animals.

Expressive and memorable soundtrack

Initial doom jazz soundtrack by Danshin and Arooj Aftab includes an ingenious mix of timeless jazz and electronic music. Foundation’s OST is skillfully crafted to develop a cinematic, climatic, and merely jaw-dropping soundscape that serves and boosts storytelling.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.