Back 4 Blood is too hard, Turtle Rock promises to fix it

Back 4 Blood is a difficult video game — even the designers at Turtle Rock concur. In a wrap-up published to Reddit of the studio’s November upgrade stream, Turtle Rock stated that it will scale a few of Back 4 Blood’s more penalizing systems back to simple its ruthless problem curve.

The studio stated it still desires gamers to battle, however preferably in such a way that feels reasonable, instead of discouraging.

Trouble requires to be our “baby bear” in Back 4 Blood’s Goldilocks story. It requires to be “just right.” We desire it tense. We desire it difficult. We desire you hardly squeaking into the saferoom with a crowd hot on your heels and you sensation that rush. We do not desire it uncontrollable. We do not desire it to be unjust. That is our objective.

To attain its objectives, Turtle Rock stated it will combine back a number of elements of the video game’s problem. Ridden Anomalies will generate less often in the future. The studio has actually likewise just recently repaired a bug that was triggering gamers to get Injury damage at an inadvertently high rate.

Turtle Rock offered a more ambiguous description around its strategies to increase construct variety. Particularly, it stated it wishes to empower gamers who would rather take it sluggish than speedrun through a map.

With the Injury problem fixed and a repair for Anomalies en route, the group will continue to keep an eye on problem through gamer develops and other metrics. If anything, this wrap-up showcases Turtle Rock’s interest in polishing Back 4 Blood with gamer feedback — even if that suggests nerfing fan-favorite develops, or other at first undesirable modifications.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.