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BA fitness studio promoting low-impact exercise with bungee fitness

TULSA, Okla. — A social media workout craze is taking the nation by storm, promoting low-impact exercise.

Many folks are turning to a boutique-type of fitness class in the new year to fulfill their resolution involving a bungee. Some argue it takes away not only the intimidation factor of going to a traditional gym, but it’s also easy on your joints.

The cardiovascular workout is called bungee fitness. From coast to coast, this workout is gaining popularity.

Savannah Mendenhall, owner of BungeeFit in Broken Arrow spoke to 2 News about the benefits.

“It’s like being in a body of water, is the best way to describe it,” she said. “It kind of gives you an upward force. It’s holding all that weight for you, so it is completely low impact on your joints, which is amazing because people have issues with knees and backs. It takes that pressure off of it so they aren’t having to deal with any of that pain.”

The exercise involves the participant strapping into a harness connected to a resistant bungee cord and incorporates lunges, squats and even jumping.

Kristin Chambers, a bungee fitness attendee, said she wanted something that would hold her accountable and a workout she felt she could do successfully and correctly.

“With BungeeFit it just feels a lot better on your joints during the workout, after the workout,” she said. “You just don’t feel like you’ve exerted a lot of energy when you have.”

She said that energy amounts to 400-600 calories burned.

Other types of people who can benefit from this, health experts said, are those with arthritis, bad knees, hips, or those just looking for something different but still want to burn hundreds of calories.

BungeeFit fit in BA does hold weekly classes. It also incorporates weights and trampoline as well.

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