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B.C. doctor heading to Ukraine to help burn victims

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the humanitarian tragedy there has inspired countless Canadians to organize and send aid, but a doctor is intent on sharing his expertise.

“I was asked if I was able to come to Ukraine to treat burn victims of the war,” said Dr. Anthony Papp, a volunteer with the Surgical Medical Support Group.

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Dr. Papp is on his way to Ukraine for a two-week stint in a hospital in Lviv.

“They’re missing a lot of equipment. They don’t have a lot of supplies, and they have a huge shortage of nurses,” said Papp.

Papp is one of the province’s leading doctors for burn injuries.

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He will be working in a theatre of war, where on top of the usual ravages of combat, Russia has been accused of using incendiary weapons like thermite and white phosphorus, weapons designed specifically to burn people.

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“Probably the biggest difference is that in addition to the burn injuries, these patients may have other injuries as well, such as gunshot wounds,  and fractures, or amputations that may happen in a war very easily,” Papp said.

While he’s expecting to work a long way from the fighting, Russia has shown it can strike anywhere in Ukraine at any time but Papp believes it’s risk worth taking.

“It’s a crime against humanity what’s happening over there,” he said. “If we can help and donate our time and go, I’m all for it.”

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