Axiom Verge 2 will launch on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive

Axiom Brink 2 is likewise releasing on PC. The follow up to 2015’s side-scrolling throwback experience will be an Impressive Games Shop unique when it releases this year. Legendary Games revealed Axiom Brink 2’s PC launch throughout Thursday’s Legendary Spring Games Display livestream.

Axiom Brink 2 was initially revealed to be launched on Nintendo Change at the end of 2019. Developer Tom Happ has actually assured that gamers will “discover the origins of the Axiom Verge universe” in the follow up.

In the very first Axiom Brink, the gamer character is a scientist called Trace, who awakens from a lab mishap on an alien world. As Trace, the gamer checks out a glitched-out landscape, fixing code to continue their development through each level.

Happ constructed the initial Axiom Brink over a five-year period prior to its 2015 launch, and he has actually been dealing with the follow up ever since.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.