AWS outage causes huge problems for game logins

Amazon Web Provider, the online merchant’s enormous server facilities, decreased on Tuesday, impacting countless its customers and triggering failures all over the web. Not just are Amazon’s own sites, like Prime Video and its online shop, experiencing periodic concerns, many online computer game and streaming services are dealing with concerns also.

Disney and Riot Games have both seen their login services knocked out completely since the AWS outage started. Players using Riot’s game client were logged out and aren’t able to log back in, preventing access to the developer’s games like League of Legends and Valorant. Games like PUBG: Battlegrounds also seem to have been affected by the outage.

Fortunately, it seems that not everything that uses AWS is totally useless. We were able to get into a match of Fortnite, though there was some noticeable lag, but it’s not clear that it was AWS-related. Some games are still managing, but since so many companies use Amazon’s servers, the chances that something has been affected are pretty high.

According to Amazon’s AWS status page, most of these concerns concern servers and controllers in its US-EAST-1 region, though it’s not clear how much that affects. The status page likewise has actually an upgrade from the business that states it is checking out the increased variety of mistakes and is dealing with healing.

This story will be upgraded as more information appear.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.