Attack on Titan Final Season has a new trailer for its last episode

Attack on Titan Final Season is nearing its last episode, and Crunchyroll has a new trailer to construct the buzz. The last episode of this season will be episode 16, which is set to air on March 28, however it’s not precisely clear how it’s going to finish up the story.

As you may have had the ability to think based upon where this season was headed, the trailer for the last episode consists of a great deal of fights. The trailer doesn’t offer much away, regularly cutting from one bloody or explosive scene to the next, without ruining much of what’s coming.

Something that fans may discover a little odd, however, is that the trailer’s title really particularly states that it’s for the season ending, not the series ending. This is additional noteworthy due to the fact that the Attack on Titan manga, which supplies the anime with its source product, won’t end till April 9 and is currently substantially ahead of the anime. So, what occurs next?

There are a couple of possibilities for the anime series after this “finale” airs. The majority of merely, it might simply complete the story with an entirely various ending than the manga will have. Nevertheless, given that the anime has actually followed the manga up until now, it appears not likely that the program will merely end here, or develop a completely various ending.

Another possibility is that Attack on Titan Final Season will in fact have a 2nd part, which might air at some point later on this year, and even in 2022.

The last couple of chapters of the manga might likewise get involved a feature-length motion picture or more. With the current definite success of the Satanic Force Slayer motion picture, which adjusted a complete arc from the manga into an almost two-hour motion picture, it might be the best ending for a series that’s as internationally popular as Attack on Titan.

We don’t yet have main word on what the future holds for Attack on Titan. In the meantime, fans will need to be content with Attack on Titan Final Season’s “season finale” on March 28, and the last chapter of the manga, which is set to be launched on April 9.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.