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“​​​​​​​Assemble Entertainment’s Publisher Sale is in Full Swing, Including First Between Horizons Demo”

Taking the journey into a time unknown must begin with a single step. DigiTales Interactive is inviting you to take that step, with the first playable demo for Between Horizons. A gripping sci-fi mystery, Between Horizons invites players to take the first step into a multi-branching sci-fi world, where every decision casts out a ripple effect that lasts for generations. In case this demo isn’t enough for you, publisher Assemble Entertainment is also kicking off its annual Steam publisher sale today. Check out an extensive backlog of critically acclaimed titles, for a portion of the price.


Between Horizons is a 2.5D pixel art detective adventure which puts the player in control of a passenger aboard a massive spaceship known as the Zephyr. This brief demo will give you an opportunity to experience the enriching atmosphere of the Zephyr as a member of the ship’s middle generation, a crew tasked with ensuring that the ship will reach its destination, but will tragically not live to see it reach there. This taste of gameplay is just the tip of the iceberg of a grand conspiracy that threatens to derail the flight of the Zephyr, and doom its crew. 


Between Horizons is coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 later in 2023. 


Check out the Between Horizons demo release trailer here

A full press kit for Between Horizons is available here


In case a captivating taste of sci-fi goodness isn’t enough, perhaps scooping up a handful of titles from Assemble Entertainment’s critically acclaimed library is of order. With dozens of games on incredible discounts, the choice is yours. Perhaps an engaging, mind-taxing city builder in Endzone – A World Apart , the underrated cinematic gem that is FAR: Lone Sails, or maybe the multi-award-winning narrative adventure Roadwarden. In fact, why not all three? This sale will be running from March 31st to April 14th so get in on it while you still can.


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