Artist recovering from COVID-19 honors nurses who cared for him

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — “I’d never been this sick before, it was new, I was scared and I kept thinking I won’t make it,” stated artist Danny Reyes.

He recuperated from COVID and right away put his ideas, sensations and feelings on canvas.

“What means a lot to me is my art. I am really passionate about it, so I knew as soon as I got home, it would be the very first thing I would work on, this gift for the people who saved my life,” he stated.

He wasn’t totally recuperated when he began dealing with the painting.

“I would get a little winded, so I would have to slow it down,” Reyes stated.

The nurses who assisted him were his superheroes.

“They would come in with such happiness and just happy to be there and so I started feeling that way,” stated Reyes.

His gratitude is one that does not go undetected, and sometimes, is much required.

“Every day is a different day. You can have really bad days, you can have really good days but looking at that painting, on the days you know it is going to be tough, you look at that picture and you know we are making a difference in someone’s life,” stated Tiffany Whitney, nurse manager with Nebraska Medication in Bellevue.

The painting records something that struck home with Reyes; the nurse’s eyes and the compassion that stuck out.

“I could recognize them from their voice and their eyes,” stated Reyes.

“That picture, if you have ever been in a COVID unit, the only thing you ever see is our eyes. We have the mask, face shield and the gown, and to know that the one thing they see is our eyes,” stated Whitney.

The painting is a tip to the nurses of their strength.

“Every day is a fight for us to get people home to their families,” stated Whitney.

The painting awaits the lobby at Nebraska Medication in Bellevue.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.