‘Army of Thieves’ review: An ‘Army of The Dead’ prequel doesn’t steal much more than your time

The primary holdover from the very first movie is German actor/director Matthias Schweighöfer, who played the safecracker Dieter, and not just stars in the movie however directs it.

The primary possession, nevertheless, is Nathalie Emmanuel (of “Game of Thrones” and “Fast & Furious”), who takes advantage of her turn as the lethal brains of the clothing, Gwendoline, who hires Schweighöfer’s character to assist break a trio of famous safes.

Dieter is plainly over his head in Gwendoline’s eccentric band — and amusingly susceptible to letting out piercing screams throughout minutes of threat — however he does have a flair for safecracking, an art shown by taking the audience into the system as only unique impacts can. That gets old quite quick, which leaves the comprehensive mechanics of the plot, the concerns about who can be relied on and Sebastian’s lovestruck gazes at Gwendoline, the female of his dreams.

Besides unclear news accounts about something unusual occurring in Vegas (the area of the earlier film), the connections to the earlier movie show restricted. “Thieves” therefore works basically as a rather low-octane funny thriller, with a throwback feel that’s as breezy as it is non reusable.

Snyder, especially, offered Netflix on a follow up (although the schedule for that stays relatively hazy) in addition to the very first film and this prequel, which more than anything shows the streaming service’s cravings to enter into service with a filmmaker whose superhero fare represents a high-gloss calling card for a specific audience.

Still, if turning the director loose on a zombie-action film had apparent appeal, this sort of seems like including a set of steak knives if you purchase a brand-new automobile.

Just Netflix can evaluate how well that plan end up exercising, however strictly by itself benefits, aside from Emmanuel’s standout efficiency, “Army of Thieves” does not take far more than your time.

“Army of Thieves” premieres Oct. 29 on Netflix.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.