Are We Alone in the Universe?

Have you ever thought of the extraterrestrial contact, the presence of life on other planets, and how we would react if there were visitors from other planets? It is very easy to answer this question without having to believe in alien abduction or interdimensional beings.

Are we alone in the universe? Maybe one day there will be proof that these life forms come from another galaxy, it is very possible that they are from another planet. If we find life on other planets in our solar system we would obviously welcome these visitors with open arms.

I do not have personal experiences with aliens, but my observation of the science behind the events shows that we are not alone. I have observed a few occurrences involving aliens but have not personally witnessed one. In fact, one of my best friends has no idea what I am talking about. These people who experience contact with aliens, need to explain it further, and a UFO cult need to be investigated.

Some people argue that all life came from space. There is no scientific argument that supports this assertion. NASA is still testing the theory, so far, there has been no direct evidence that life is intelligent. There are some strange cases that I have heard and I have researched, but no clear proof that aliens have visited earth.

Aliens are from another planet, but many people think that if they come to earth they could have some life forms, either plant or animal. The most common example of this theory is the alien contact, how will we react if we find life on the other side of the planet. Life forms, including man, life on earth with technology that we can duplicate. In the future we may find life form that can easily create it’s own technology.

I can think of a good reason for the emergence of mankind, and why the human race wants to be here. There’s a very big chance that we will discover intelligent life on our home planet, and I do not see any reason for us to be alone in the universe. When we discover life elsewhere in the universe, why would we not want to be in contact with these beings?

If they are friendly, it is highly likely that we would like to have contact with them. After all, we have had contact with extraterrestrials before. There are some famous and the most exciting discovery was that the aliens were men.

How do you think the “little green men” came to be? Did they really come from outer space and do they represent some of the first contact that we had with extraterrestrials?

Well, I do not know, but I would like to ask the question, will the extraterrestrials come to visit us, I would love to get to witness such an event. We need to take some risks when we make contact with the unknown, and then we must make sure that we bring as much evidence as possible, which would make them very curious.

Do you think they would even bother going up into space? These aliens are intelligent beings, and would probably like to go back to their home planet. Do you think they would not?

Will humans accept these beings coming from outer space and do you think we should be involved in some way in the discovery? If the government did show off some of their scientific capabilities, will it scare the aliens away?

This is just one of the many things that I think about, and I am sure that people can think of many more things. In order to solve some of these issues we need to know more about these types of aliens, and we need to investigate the thousands of sightings we have had over the years.