Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System is an electronic software program which enables the electronic processing of human resource requirements. An ATS is usually implemented or deployed online at small or business-level organizations, depending on the organization’s needs; open and free-ATS software can also be available.


Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to capture, organize, and store various information regarding applicants for a particular position, such as their qualifications, work history, educational and other relevant details, in a standardized format. The system’s functionality may vary from a simple spreadsheet-based application to a comprehensive database management system. Some ATSs may even allow the creation and maintenance of career-specific application templates. This feature allows the system to effectively manage the selection of relevant applicants. It also allows for the efficient compilation of data and information to help with employee evaluation.


Applicant Tracking Systems are used by employers to track the qualifications, skills, and experience of job applicants, including applicants who have submitted resumes but do not have yet received a call for interviews. Job applicants who do not have any specific qualifications but have applied for jobs that are related to their academic and professional fields, are able to obtain employment by participating in job fairs. Job seekers can also use the system to identify a certain position that they feel best suits them. The system may also be useful to employers who require an extensive amount of information concerning applicants, such as data about educational achievements, work history, work place experience, references, job interviews, and more.


Another major advantage of using applicant tracking systems is the ability to quickly find appropriate candidates. With the assistance of an ATS, job seekers can avoid wasting time on applying for positions which they may not qualify for and can obtain job interviews much more easily.


Applicant Tracking Systems can also help employers monitor the performance and productivity of their employees. This system provides an organized and reliable source of information about each employee’s productivity, performance, and progress. Furthermore, the system can make it easier for managers to evaluate their employees’ performance as well as track trends and changes in employee behavior over a period of time.


Some applicant tracking systems are capable of providing pre-screening the application of new, potential hires, making sure that these applicants meet the basic qualification requirements by comparing the applicant’s qualifications against the requirements of the position. These pre-screening features can increase the speed and accuracy of hiring decisions, thereby minimizing the risk involved in hiring new employees.


Applicant Tracking Systems may also be used to track the progression of individual employees. These may provide employees with reports and statistics about their performance over a set period of time, such as number of hours worked per week, the average number of sales, number of days off per week, number of sales generated during working hours, and sales generated during weekends, or holiday periods, the average number of hours per employee per day and number of sales per employee.


Several types of applicant tracking systems are available, ranging from basic single user, multi-user, and custom-made applications. The cost of these applications can vary considerably depending on the software and features offered.


There are many benefits to having an applicant tracking system at your company. Not only can the system help to streamline your hiring process and reduce the number of rejections of qualified applicants, but it can also offer your company a competitive edge over others in your industry.


If you are ready to use applicant tracking systems, it is important to consider the benefits they provide. ATS solutions can be very beneficial to you, not only for the current employees but also for the future employees that you will hire.


These types of systems will not only track applicants but can also monitor and manage your company’s workflow in the event that you start hiring part-time or full-time staff members. If you are still searching for ways to improve the quality of your employee performance, you may want to consider the advantages of using this type of application. Check out UJober the new video interviewing job portal with a built in ATS. It’s free and great. Visit the site today.