Apex Legends trailer shows off Valkyrie’s abilities and jetpack

Pinnacle Legends’ brand-new season is practically here, and because Respawn flaunted the brand-new Arenas mode previously today, now it’s Valkyrie’s turn in the spotlight. On Thursday, Respawn launched a brand-new trailer that displays Valkyrie and her package.

Valkyrie’s passive capability is her signature jetpack. The jetpack offers her the capability — special amongst Legends — to fly high above the Pinnacle Legends battleground, however it does have some constraints. For something, it has a restricted quantity of fuel, and Valkyrie will need to go back to the ground to charge. On top of that, she can’t fire while she’s flying, however she can utilize her weapon if she disables the jetpack — simply put, she can shoot just while falling. The jetpack itself is also loud and flashy, making her a perfect target while she’s flying through the air.

Valkyrie has a second passive ability, Recon, that allows her to utilize survey beacons to mark the location of the next circle on the map.

Valkyrie’s Tactical ability is called Missile Swarm, and it allows her to launch 12 missiles at a targeted location. The missiles fall in a 4×3 grid, and they damage and stun enemies. Missile Swarm can likewise be used while Valkyrie is flying with her jetpack, giving her the capability to aim it at areas she might not be able to see from the ground.

Her Ultimate capability is called Skyward Dive. With this capability, Valkyrie utilizes her jetpack to produce some huge movement choices for her group. After a brief activation time, Valkyrie can fly herself — and any allies that select to hook on throughout the activation — high into the air so they can skydive back to the ground. This lets Valkyrie rearrange her whole team, either to leave Dodge rapidly, or for an offending play if they’re feeling bold.

Valkyrie is set to show up along with the brand-new Arenas mode as part of Pinnacle Legends’ Tradition upgrade on May 4.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.