Apex Legends season 8: new Legend, weapon, release date announced

Peak Legends’ 8th season, Trouble, will go reside on Feb. 2, and it will include the launching of the fight royale video game’s 16th Legend: Fuse, designer Respawn Home entertainment revealed Monday.

Respawn presented Peak Legends gamers to Merge with a brand-new Stories from the Outlands short on Monday. The four-minute video informs the tale of Fuse’s love affair with dynamites, which goes back to a youth episode in which he and his friend exposed “a bloody beautiful grenade” that as soon as came from the flexibility fighters on their house world, Salvo. Fuse and his buddy go on all type of experiences together — to the tune of an ’80s hair metal-esque tune — however their relationship starts to fracture when the Australian-accented macho male goes into fight in Salvo’s combating pits.

Salvo ultimately signs up with the group of Distribute worlds, much to the discouragement of Fuse’s buddy, who matured revering the abovementioned flexibility fighters. Right then, Fuse strolls up and reveals that he’s leaving Salvo for the Peak Games. He proposes a truce, but she’s frustrated and angry — and starts a fight. At the end of their tussle, Chekov’s grenade goes off, and Fuse awakens to find his right arm blown off.

Data miners have previously uncovered files that suggest Fuse has a tactical ability called Airburst Grenade, in which he can use a launcher on his mechanical right arm to fire a grenade, and an ultimate ability known as The Motherlode, which allows him to use a cannon on his back to launch a missile that leaves flames in its wake. There’s no information yet on his passive ability.

Season 8 will arrive two days before Peak Legends’ second anniversary. In addition to introducing Fuse, Mayhem will change up the look and feel of the game’s initial map, Kings Canyon, for the third time. Finally, season 8 will bring a new weapon to Peak’s arsenal, a lever-action rifle called the 30-30 Repeater.

Peak Legends is offered on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Change variation is likewise in the works, with a release now arranged for at some point this year.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.