Apex Legends’ newest character is Ash from Titanfall 2

Ash is lastly signing up with the Pinnacle Games. The Titanfall 2 character is the next Legend Respawn Home entertainment is contributing to Pinnacle Legends.

Ash is a Simulacrum Pilot, or a robotic with a human’s mind. In this case that human is Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the previous partner and apprentice of Horizon — who she reunites with in Pinnacle’s brand-new “Stories from the Outlands” video. After Ashleigh betrayed Horizon and was ultimately left for dead, she was become the Simulacrum Ash, who plays an essential function as a villain in Titanfall 2. After her function in Titanfall, Ash made her method to Pinnacle Legends and has actually supervised of the Arena mode, however it’s lastly time for her to sign up with the action as a playable Legend.

Something we don’t understand yet is exactly what Ash’s set will do. While she was a talented Pilot in Titanfall 2, the Pinnacle Legends variation of the character will have both the Simulacrum’s memories and those of Dr. Reid, so it’s possible she might blend together her doctoral smarts and battle capabilities when she lastly strikes the arena.

Ash’s addition to Pinnacle will belong to the video game’s most current seasonal upgrade: Escape. The brand-new upgrade will be launched on Nov. 2 and will consist of map updates and a couple of extra surprises that Respawn hasn’t revealed yet.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.