Anthony Johnson in good place after 4-year hiatus

In 1999, Nike produced a fantastic business including Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Mark McGwire, which it billed “Chicks Dig the Long Ball.”

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson would inform you that everybody digs a knockout. Therefore with Johnson back after a four-year, one-month retirement from blended martial arts, there is one concern anybody who run into the Bellator light heavyweight would like to know:

Will you knock out Jose Augusto at Bellator 258 on Friday?

“Right now, I’m in a great place,” Johnson informed Yahoo Sports. “I don’t think the four years is going to do anything. Hopefully, everybody gets to see what they’ve been missing for the last four years. I’ve gotten a ton of messages and [heard] in person the same thing: They don’t get knockouts like they used to.”

Johnson will combat Augusto in Bellator’s light heavyweight Grand Prix rather of Yoel Romero, who was pulled from the battle recently due to the fact that of a concealed medical problem. No main factor was launched besides that the Mohegan commission didn’t clinically clear him, however it was supposedly something with his eye.

The Romero-Johnson battle was the one that the fans circled around on the calendar when Bellator launched the brackets. It was 2 huge effective males who liked to toss hands going at it.

With Romero out, there’s a little less buzz around the battle, however Johnson’s return after 4 years far from the video game will bring a great deal of attention to the program. Johnson’s last look as a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter was at UFC 217 on April 8, 2017, when he was sent by Daniel Cormier in a rematch for the light heavyweight title.

Losing to Cormier is never ever anything to be embarrassed of, however Johnson produced an ambiance because battle like he didn’t wish to exist. After the bout, he retired and stated he was going to run a cannabis company.

Daniel Cormier, right, tries to avoid a punch from Anthony Johnson during a light heavyweight mixed martial arts bout at UFC 210, early Sunday, April 9, 2017, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Anthony Johnson hasn’t combated considering that losing to Daniel Cormer at UFC 210 on April 9, 2017, in Buffalo, New York City. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

He stated his efficiency in the Cormier battle was due to the fact that he was dissatisfied that he didn’t get to combat Jon Jones, as had actually been prepared.

“I wanted to do other things, too, but I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to fight Jon because of the situation,” Johnson stated. “I know I didn’t have that fire, that desire. My goal was to fight Jon and I wound up fighting the same individual twice. I should have been fighting Jon Jones, but I can’t take anything away from D.C. He’s an incredible athlete and he elevated the 205 division.”

Johnson stated he had his hopes set on combating Jones, and his feelings weren’t the very same when he ended up with Cormier. However he deals with similar circumstance now, considered that he was wishing to combat Romero and end up with Augusto.

There is, however, a huge distinction.

“Hey, I took four years off; I’m smarter than that now,” Johnson stated, laughing and wagging his finger. “… I was super excited to fight Yoel. He’s dangerous; super dangerous. He was off [for a year] and he’s not getting any younger, so I knew he was going to come to fight. He’s a competitor.

“But you live and you learn. I learn from my mistakes and I learned how to accept things and how to take them whenever my opponent changes. And I see Jose the same way as I saw Yoel. He’s a competitor and we’re both here for a reason. Things happen all the time and nothing ever goes the way you truly planned. I just have to keep the drive and keep the hunger, and that’s what I have. I’ve been training for the last — it feels like ever — for the last year-and-a-half and I’m not going to miss this opportunity.”

That might extremely well be Johnson’s method of stating what many wish to hear: The KO is back, child!

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