Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise DLC is a pure joy

The Pleased House Paradise DLC lastly puts house style front and center, providing gamers the opportunity to embellish many houses — their interiors and the lawns around them — for villagers on getaway. And it definitely provides.

It’s a pleasure to style with negligent desert, lastly getting more opportunities to experiment with among New Horizons’ finest aspects. I’m making my dream reading nook and indoor day spa, and noodling over the finest information — from wallpapers to garden landscaping. Gone is the tension of altering my core island, searching down furnishings, or needing to utilize picky terraforming tools for outside tasks. Pleased House Paradise is a best trip for me: It lets me utilize New Horizons’ style tools to make many charming, themed areas for both myself and other villagers.

New Horizons has actually constantly had restrictions around house style, with just 6 spaces to embellish — unless gamers got imaginative with workarounds, like taking a trip to Harv’s Island to stage an image shoot. Other gamers produced interior-looking vignettes on their island utilizing dividers, stands, hats, umbrellas and paths to develop the impression of themed spaces and structures. The DLC not just offers gamers an option to this — it does so in a manner that’s both structured and structured sufficient to feel satisfying without being frustrating.

A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, with a brown bear in a room decorated with forest wallpaper and lots of stuffed animal bears.

Image: Nintendo by means of Polygon

To access the DLC, I inform Orville “I want to go to work,” a disconcerting declaration that remembers Tom Nook’s entire offer, given that the raccoon has actually made me spend for island upgrades for the previous year. My very first customer Eloise gets here, and she informs me she desires a “Unwinding Checking out Space’’ including bookshelves and comfortable chairs. She chooses a house — after this guide level, gamers get to pick home places — and we head there to get to work. Her brand-new location is empty, conserve for 3 plans, each consisting of a crucial product for the basic theme. As long as these 3 products are positioned (inside or outdoors), Eloise appears happy with my work.

There’s a lot to play with, however the DLC does a fantastic job of enhancing the style procedure. Instead of releasing New Horizons’ frustrating furnishings brochure on gamers, each house comes with a set of furnishings appropriate to the villager’s wanted style. Utilizing it didn’t feel restricting, since the products are all collaborated, reducing the aggravation of furnishings searching for the last “missing item” that pestered the very first year on my core island. No more keeping extreme tabs on Nook’s Cranny to see if it lastly has the ideal rice maker, or going to a pal’s island simply for a paper lantern light.

External visual touches are likewise instinctive. You can alter the color and design of roof and doors, and quickly move the house’s place on the plot — no moving cost needed. Bridges and slope types, for each house’s backyard, are likewise personalized by means of an easy menu without needing to pay any additional charge. There’s likewise lastly an alternative to quickly put down fences, hedges, and trees.

While Paradise curates particular furnishings for a villager’s taste, you can organize it in whatever way you like, or integrate products opened from previous styles. Among my villagers got a front backyard loaded with swords. Another villager got a fitness center with a spin class setup since, why not. And this was regardless of hints that I might have focused more on their mentioned styles: Eloise responded with hearts, clapping, and exclamation points when I put in comfortable products for her reading nook — however she took my more intriguing options in stride.

A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, with a blue cat standing in the front yard of a home, which has a rocky foundation full of swords.

Image: Nintendo by means of Polygon

A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, with a wolf villager standing in a home gym that looks like a spin class, with tons of spin bikes and several yoga mats.

Image: Nintendo by means of Polygon

Where I frequently felt hemmed in by the worry of making errors on my own island, Paradise offers me opportunities to attempt all sorts of styles with very little disadvantage. Courting a brand-new customer is simple and each has particular taste; so each job is an enjoyable chance to attempt something brand-new. One may choose the visual of a “mystery magician,” while another desires a “spa getaway.” I choose which island their house will be on, and even what season it will be on stated island. And since I can quickly redesign a house or move a villager — the DLC motivates me to examine customers to make certain they’re happy — I don’t need to fret about the permanence of my options.

All of this is covered in charming aspects that incentivize a job well done. After you’re done creating, you can take an image of the house and wait into the Paradise Preparation style portfolio. The brand-new Pro electronic camera is particularly versatile here. Simply as you can alter the lighting when photographing inside, you can alter the time of day to customize the atmosphere of your outside shoots. What’s more, each job likewise rewards gamers with a cutscene in which you can see a customer taking pleasure in the house or backyard you developed for them. Seeing Eloise lounge on her couch made me seem like a home flipper on HGTV, or like Bobby Berk in Queer Eye.

This is simply the suggestion of the iceberg, as the DLC regularly rewards my financial investment and devotion. Up until now, I’ve developed about 7 areas, and the more I style, the more the video game administers extra benefits. I’ve gotten the chance to style facilities, like a school, which brought its own reward: Leif recently visited the school, and taught me how to make hybrid flowers. Now I can use hybrid flowers in any of my home designs. I also just unlocked the ability to scan amiibo, which will let me invite some of my favorite villagers and design Paradise homes for them. I’m also excited to eventually get a promotion — each job pays players with a currency called Poki, which can be spent on items sold from the Paradise Planning office (Bells don’t work here).

A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, where villagers are sitting in a classroom and Leif is giving a lecture about hybrid flowers.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Happy Home Paradise is, ultimately, a chance for anyone who favored the video game’s home design to dive into it without all of the hassle. It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who has core island fatigue — whether from having an already full island or being unsure of how to proceed with design. It’s also great for anyone looking for a structured way to play New Horizons post update. Happy Home Paradise streamlines New Horizon’s intimidatingly open-ended gameplay so well that it’s made it even easier to chill out. Though it may be presented like a job, it really does feel like a vacation.

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