Animal Crossing’s Beautiful Island ordinance spams islands with flowers

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 upgrade has actually reintroduced a handful of popular functions and characters from previous titles, like New Leaf. Brewster’s coffee shop is back, Kapp’n journeys are on, and regulations are when again a function. These regulations enable a gamer to more personalize their island, for a neat amount of 20,000 Bells — permitting a gamer to alter the rate of items, or when villagers awaken or go to sleep, to name a few things. However one regulation has actually had some, erm, unexpected repercussions.

The “Beautiful Island” regulation does a handful of things, most of which are quite useful for the discerning New Horizons player. It prevents cockroaches from infesting your home (a problem for anyone who was away for a while). Players will also no longer fish up any trash, weeds will grow less often, and — here’s the kicker — villagers will water flowers more often. Flowers already grow extremely quickly, and the Beautiful Island ordinance basically makes them grow … even faster.

As a result, the “Beautiful Island” ordinance has actually had the opposite effect of “beautification,” for some players — instead spamming them with oceans of unassailable flowers.

Flowers have always been a core, if a bit contentious, design item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are eight different breeds of flowers, in a handful of colors, some of which only appear through careful hybridization. As each island has one endemic species of flower, getting just the right varietal, mix, and placement takes some effort. All of this can really pay off, as when arranged artfully, flowers can make an island gorgeous.

But flowers are also a pain to manage or, heaven forbid, eradicate. To move or remove flowers, each must be dug up manually via shovel; and, of course, as these shovels are breakable items, pruning a huge area means going through several. On top of that, flowers don’t stack in the inventory — even if they’re the same type and color — nor do they sell for any kind of meaningful profit. And if you’re going quickly, you might accidentally pick a flower instead of digging it up, thereby forfeiting two inventory spots: one for the blooms, one for the plant.

Choosing this regulation could be especially devastating to anyone who had just finished containing a large flower spread during pre-update island prep. Perhaps a generous gamer will step in to help eradicate these flowers? In 2020, a player who styled themselves as a weed puller, WeedCo Weed Removal Services, offered their free weed-clearing services. (Alternatively, if you’ve got heavy pockets, Nookazon has had plenty of new offers for “dig up flowers,” for a fee.)

Redditors pointed out that the regulation does nearly the opposite of what they’d prefer, with regards to weeds and flowers. Though weeds can be annoying, and lower the star-rating of an island, they can look beautiful when incorporated into designs, and are far easier to choose up. Redditor Even-Vermicelli-8101 put it succinctly: “The way flowers multiply like rabbits normally in this game I’m not surprised. I’m glad I decided not to even think about enacting that ordinance.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.