Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are finally visiting our homes

A number of us were rocked by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 upgrade dropping an entire 2 days early. There’s a lot to do on your island, from taking images with the brand-new Pro Video camera to seeing old buddies. However among the upgrade functions needs absolutely nothing of you other than opening your heart, being a great host, and attempting not to get weirded out. That’s right, I’m talking about villager visits to your New Horizons home — an anticipated feature that many of us got to try out right away.

And I mean right away. Many of us have already had our first villager visits, and we enjoyed all of the joy (and sass) these visits had to offer. Aside from checking out the space and catching up with you, here are a few of the things your villager might do when they invite themselves into your home.

Admire a picture of themselves on the wall

If you have a portrait of any of your villagers hanging in your home, they’ll admire and appreciate it — or perhaps be a little bashful, depending on their personality. It’s a nice touch that brings the friendship full circle, and it finally gives players a chance to know that their villagers appreciate the love.

Look at the wealth of seating options — then sit on the floor

You decorated your home to the nines and cinched that A+ Happy Home Academy rating. But guess what? Your villager doesn’t care! All they want to do is see you and hang out where you’re hanging out, and they’ll sit wherever they want to, when they do. This includes cozying up on the floor.

Sit in the pet bed

The size of the pet bed has always stumped me. It seemed to suggest the existence of smaller cats and dogs who might use the bed, in the traditional sense of laying out on it and sleeping? But it’s not like I could have tested out that theory. Sure, I could have gifted one to a dog or cat villager — sort of like gifting a hamster villager the hamster cage item. Anyway, I was absolutely wrong! Our villagers will actually just use the pet bed like normal seating. It’s funny, but in hindsight doesn’t seem entirely uncalled for, given this game’s sense of humor.

Use the facilities

Many of us have gone to our villagers’ homes, only to find them on the commode — the golden throne, if you will — magazine in hand. Apparently, our villagers have no shame, and they’re ready to visit us only to take a trip to the bathroom… in our presence.

Sass you for having cockroaches — and then leave

If you, like me, have been a little negligent towards your island in the lead-up to this upgrade, you might get this special treat. If your villager sees and encounters a cockroach, they just might make an immediate beeline out the door. I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to be in a cockroach-infested house either. Still, it’s a debilitating blow for anyone who had been waiting for this day — only to have actually their villager visit and then turn tail.

Play a cute card game

When a villager check outs, they try not to overstay their welcome — they’ll tell you they plan to head out before going out the front door. But there are additional dialogue options that let you welcome them to stay longer, or even play a little high-low card game to pass the time.

Give you a photo of themselves

What kind of guest shows up to your house unannounced, then offers you a photo of their face? Only your Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers might escape with that! (And we enjoy them for it.)

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.