Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ new best characters

Fans requested for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons material and young boy did Nintendo provide. On Friday, Nintendo not just revealed a 2.0 upgrade total with glossy brand-new functions like cooking and a comfortable coffeehouse, however likewise the Delighted House Paradise DLC where you can embellish homes for villagers.

However the Direct wasn’t almost all those brand-new functions — the occasion was likewise a who’s who of Animal Crossing characters, a red carpet if you will. Timeless celebs of the franchise like Brewster and Kapp’n returned. Shining brand-new stars like Niko the monkey caught the hearts of the audience. Nintendo even revealed a completely brand-new lineup of villagers.

The statements were loaded, and not every character has actually shined through the buzz of the occasion. So, Polygon chose to assemble a few of the standouts and discuss who was hot, and who tumbled at the Nintendo Direct on Friday.

Niko the monkey

Amongst the statements, there was one clear winner: Niko the monkey. Niko is a freshly revealed character who operates at Lottie’s Paradise Preparation company. The monkey uses a little straw hat with a yellow band. He has luxurious fur that’s as white as snow, and unbelievably huge eyes. He’s small, which just emphasizes his cuteness much more. The fan art and screenshots of him came flooding out after seeing him. Here we have fan art of him sitting atop the prettiest throne out there: the Froggy Chair.

Wardell the manatee

Not every character launching shrieked with cuteness. Wardell the manatee interested fans with his suppressed charm. In the trailer, we can see him hanging out in a store while consuming coffee or fanning himself. Wardell, like Nico, works for Lottie and the 2 make the ideal all-star team.


Lottie who? Oh, that’s right, she’s technically among the brand-new primary characters of the DLC because she runs the Paradise Organizer company. Her subordinates, Wardell and Niko, definitely took the program. I just learn about her due to the fact that she takes place to be the one in charge of the 2 genuine stars. It’s not that she does not have cuteness, it’s simply difficult for her to contend with 2 mega-stars. Her launching was certainly a flop.

Shino the deer

Shino the deer definitely stunned fans at Friday’s direct. Although she was lumped together with the statement of all the villagers, she beat the lot. She has red horns and wears eye-liner so sharp it could cut you. We got a brief glimpse of her during the direct where she wore a kimono on a snowy bridge.


Sasha’s sparkly eyes and green fur captivated fans far and wide. The bunny looks like she stopped by the island right after going to a homecoming game since she wears a classic varsity jacket. Just like Shino, Sasha also stirred up interest with fans especially excited for the pair.


Brewster finally made his big debut in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He arrived with his coffee shop, which will allow you to sip some java and hang out with villagers. While Brewster certainly stood out as one of the larger stars to appear Friday, we have to say, he could have timed his appearance better. The issue wasn’t that his coffee shop didn’t wow — it was that it came before a mountain of other news. This timing left Brewster in a rather lackluster position where he wasn’t necessarily the “big star” of the event so people clowned him with memes.


Who is this robot octopus? You don’t know and I don’t know because Cephalobot’s statement fell more than flat. It’s not that we don’t like a good octopus villager, it’s that his look was just a little bit stiff and rigid. There’s a lifelessness to his eyes and not in an interesting way, but more of a “please stay away from my island” way.

It’s still unclear how players will access some of these villagers, though. We understand that Brewster will come to the update, however Nintendo hasn’t clarified how New Horizons gamers can access others like Sasha and Wardell. Nintendo shared a photo of new amiibo cards to be released on Nov. 5, which included villagers like Niko and Shino. However, Nintendo hasn’t said whether they’ll be available to randomly move onto your island, or if they’re only addable via amiibo cards.

Both the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 upgrade and Happy Home Paradise DLC are scheduled to be launched Nov. 5.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.