Animal Crossing finally gets more design slots, plus more customizable items

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a huge upgrade to commemorate its very first year, and within this March 18 spot is a bombshell for hardcore followers: we’re lastly getting more style slots. Folks have actually been pleading for this because release! You can personalize more things now, too.

You will get 50 more slots for both regular and professional customized styles, an upgrade which will cost 2,000 Nook Points at the kiosk in Local Providers. To go along with that, you can now personalize umbrellas, little flags, uchiwa, and image stands. I’m specific fans will make terrific usage of it, however it likewise suggests that folks might quickly discover that 50 is inadequate! A good course or intricate island style constantly has a method of consuming those style slots, and now there are a lot more things to style. Still, more slots are much better than less, right?

Another lifestyle modify here is that, instead of requiring you to go to the Able Siblings for customized styles, you can now merely utilize your NookPhone to access the function. All these style modifications will belong of a bigger upgrade that consists of extra seasonal products, farting, Sanrio characters, and more.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.