Animal Crossing fans are making good use of custom standees

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ extremely prepared for anniversary upgrade went reside in mid-March, bringing with it crucial quality-of-life functions like farts and Sanrio characters. However the greatest bombshell for hardcore designers needed to be the boost in slots. Gamers quickly started utilizing perk slots for the brand-new customization choices that have actually opened for a handful of products.

In regards to flags, the most popular use I’ve seen is Pride statements for queer folks to commemorate their identities in the video game. There are likewise a lot of imaginative and charming usages for both the custom-made umbrella and uchiwa — I’m a huge fan of things that appear like food, or styles that duplicate small little faces.

However the most flexible out of all the brand-new custom-made products needs to be the face cutout standee. Partially, it’s simply enjoyable to see folks put enjoyable popular culture referrals into the video game, whether that’s a Ghibli film or maybe a fellow Nintendo video game. However some folks have actually likewise determined how to utilize the standees for fascinating architecture, permitting them to develop things like transparent walls and totally brand-new structures. Listed below, you’ll discover a few of our preferred standee modifications.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.