Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

The Angry Computer Game Geek has actually been drawn into Video game Land! It depends on you to assist him through 3 dreadful and treacherous retro video game worlds!

Angry Computer Game Geek Adventures and Angry Computer Game Geek II: Assimilation come together for the supreme Geek experience! This is the conclusive method to play the series… and more!

This luxurious collection brings you every phase from both of notoriously difficult action platform video games, remixed & re-balanced plus a brand new, never-before-seen last chapter to bring the experience together for the supreme experience in geek rage.


Improved Visuals!
Experience the 8-bit ugliness in an entire brand-new method!

Upgraded Video Game Engine!
And by upgraded, we suggest “Rebuilt the first game from the ground up in the superior second game’s engine.” Trust us, it feels much better.

Enhanced level style and problem choices!
Both video games are infamously hard-as-nails, however Typical and Easy problems come with boundless lives, so take as numerous efforts as you require to beat the obstacle. Level styles have actually been surpassed to actually nail the balance in between difficult and reasonable.
Or maybe you enjoyed the restricted lives and ridiculous overuse of instant-death obstructs in the initial release? We have actually got you covered. Simply choose “Old School” or greater from the problem menu and you’ll be cursing the designers’ name in no time.

Lifestyle Improvements!
Faster respawning (When you pass away, which will be frequently, you’ll simply pop right revoke the Toaster and get on with your day, much like nature meant!), numerous save slots, availability choices and more mean that anyone can handle the obstacle.

Maybe you have actually never ever played either of these video games, maybe you’re brand-new to the follow up, or perhaps you have actually invested years attaining the world speedrun record for both, however whatever your experience with the series, there are a lot of surprises in shop for you!

New Chapter, Completing The Story!
“Wait, the game had a story” You ask? To which we state: …Kinda! However there’s more of it now! Beat both video games to open the legendary ending!

And more!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.