Angel Manuel Soto to direct Blue Beetle, DC’s first Latinx superhero movie

DC’s Blue Beetle is taking his initial steps towards being the face of the publisher’s very first Latinx-lead movie, and possibly the very first Latinx superhero to strike the cinema in their own live-action film.

According to The Wrap, Puerto Rican director Angel Manuel Soto (director of HBO Max’s Beauty City Kings) will bring the Blue Beetle film to life. The movie is set to begin production this fall with a script by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. It will follow Jaime Reyes, the 3rd character to bear the name Blue Beetle.

Developed by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner in the 2006 miniseries Infinite Crisis, Jaime Reyes is a Mexican-American teen with a quite gnarly superhero origin story: he discovers an alien artifact called the Scarab that connects itself to his spinal column while he sleeps, providing him creepy-cool body armor and a selection of superpowers that he is rather bad at utilizing.

Ever Since, Reyes has actually stayed a constant existence in DC comics regardless of remaining in a little an inactive duration; his newest solo series covered in 2018, and he isn’t yet plainly included in existing series. The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle has actually likewise been a constant existence on TELEVISION, appearing in several animated series like Batman The Brave and the Vibrant and Young Justice: Intrusion. You can likewise capture him in the computer game Oppression 2, and in one silly live-action look on Smallville.

Ought To Blue Beetle continue as prepared, this would produce the very first standalone superhero film about a Latinx character that’s likewise composed and directed by Latinx filmmakers, another turning point in superhero movie theater’s sluggish march towards diversifying its landscape.(Surprisingly, the film would likewise produce the very first time a Reyes solo story was composed by a Latinx author.)

No star is presently connected, nor exists any word on whether Blue Beetle is bound for theatrical release or HBO Max.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.