Among Us’ new update includes roles and a storefront — and is live now

Tuesday’s Amongst United States discussion started with a bang. An assembly of the video game’s charming little beans collected in an auditorium, where a number of leaders continued to display a few of the video game’s latest functions, consisted of in a significant upgrade that is now live throughout all platforms. This upgrade consists of brand-new functions for Crewmates, accomplishments, a shop with cosmetics, and Cosmicubes.

Amongst United States will have a shop now, loaded with hats, skins, family pets, visors, nameplate panels, and packages that consist of several cosmetics. Playing the video game offers gamers XP, pods, and beans. Beans are a free-to-play currency that opens shop products, or gamers can invest genuine cash on stars for instant opens.

There are likewise Cosmicubes, which appear like sophisticated branching cosmetic trees. Gamers will have access to both totally free and paid Cosmicubes, and this will permit InnerSloth to constantly present brand-new cosmetics — or “bean drip,” as the designer calls it in the post. Cosmicubes can be acquired with beans or stars, however they can just be opened “by earning pods through gameplay.” End video game benefits are proficient at motivating gamers to complete a round, even if things aren’t going their method.

We likewise got a take a look at the brand-new functions concerning the video game. There is, naturally, the alien Shapeshifter who can camouflage themself. InnerSloth shared the Shapeshifter’s presence back on Oct. 27, however this brand-new expose showed what the hatching procedure appears like. It’s quite obvious, so Shapeshifters will need to take care not to get found.

Crewmates are getting some backup also, with brand-new functions of their own. The Researcher can examine the team’s vitals at any time, which is important for tracking the action of a map and stopping Impostors early. The Engineer can utilize vents, which comes in handy for navigating the map — although it’ll likely trigger all sorts of emergency situation conference turmoil as individuals implicate each other of being Impostors and safeguarding themselves as Engineers.

Lastly, there’s the Guardian Angel. When dead, gamers can zoom around the map and either finish their jobs (as a Crewmate) or continue to screw up the ship (as an Impostor). The Guardian Angel is a dead Crewmate who can conserve their allies from getting one-hit eliminated by Impostors. This is extremely effective, and we’ll need to see how it plays out in action.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.