Ammo shortage continues as firearms season begins | News

It’s the very first day of gun deer season in Michigan, however with an across the country ammunition scarcity, hunters are investing simply as much energy finding materials as they are finding deer.

“This is a time of year that up to this time for the last six weeks it’s just been hectic trying to get everybody in the woods and being able to get them on the range,” said Glenn Duncan, owner of Duncan’s outdoor shop.

And they’re still missing ammo.

“The majority of us got about 20 percent of what we usually get annually,” Duncan stated. “This year we had to go and take some stuff from c-z. Czechoslovakian company that was able to get some 30 odd six, two 43 and two 70 in but it’s not what people were looking for.”

Duncan stated the rate he’s spending for ammunition today is what he offered ammunition at last year.

He does not desire his clients to believe he’s gouging them, it’s just to remain in service.

“But the cost of ammo and stuff because of, it’s limited and stuff, and the cost of materials has gone up this year, the cost of labor has gone up this year, it’s made everybody have to raise the price up,” Duncan said.

Though the ammo shortage is the biggest problem for shops like Duncan’s, there’s a gun shortage as well, and plenty of empty pegs on the walls.”

“Right before the pandemic, everyone were believing we had excessive stock. A lot of weapons, excessive ammunition, excessive whatever. Everybody was attempting not to purchase. And after that all of the abrupt over night we went from not to purchasing to I want I would have purchased,” Duncan stated.

Duncan’s is closed Monday through Wednesday however will be open Thursday and Friday to assist you out simply be client.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.