Alchemist Simulator Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Handle the function of an amateur trainee of alchemical arts, taking control of the studio of your popular relative. Will you ever match his legend? Take the difficulty to end up being the most popular alchemist in history!

End up being an effective magician! Thanks to Alchemist Simulator, you can feel the adventure of enjoyment associated with the world of wonderful active ingredients (dragon egg – what to deal with it?), spells, and finding ancient dishes. Will you brew a love potion or a toxin?

Discover a fantastic world filled with ancient, forgotten dishes and active ingredients. Experiment. Be client and starving for understanding. Luckily, you are not alone – your amazing coach will assist you check out the formerly unidentified arcana of alchemical understanding and art! Your eternal glory, gold and … understanding are at stake!

Who is an alchemist without his precious book? Almanac is your greatest treasure – so take care of its content! Carry out various experiments and note their effects carefully, and soon … no recipe, contract or order will keep secrets from you. Remember – each magician’s source of understanding is experience, and these – you must first write down, preferably on a solid parchment and seal with a spell before prying eyes.

Along with the fame that surrounds you, responsibility will also increase – the order box will be full of more and more complicated potion orders. So it’s time to look after the work environment. Invest hard-earned gold on enhancements to your studio to be able to brew significantly hard dishes for your consumers!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.