Air Fryer Donuts –

Air Fryer Donuts are pillowy soft and topped with the most tasty homemade glaze. These made-from-scratch donuts will taste similar to the fried variation, if not much better! You’re going to like them!

A stack of air fryer donuts.

Donuts are life. They are addictingly excellent, and yet somebody chose long ago that they were an appropriate breakfast food. Win-win! While we may not precisely have these for breakfast every day, they do make a routine look as an after-school treat in our home. We don’t mind making them, since there is almost no tidy up! There is absolutely nothing even worse than the splashed oil mess all over the stovetop after frying donuts, which is why you will discover us utilizing our air fryer 9 times out of 10. It’s simply as tasty, without the mess. Fortunate for us, there constantly take place to be a number of remaining donuts that we will still snag for breakfast the next early morning. The kids don’t need to understand. 

Can I utilize canned biscuits? 

There are a great deal of individuals who just utilize canned biscuits, cut a hole, and call it a donut. Don’t get us incorrect, it still tastes excellent, however it’s not actually a donut. This is a from scratch donut dish implied to offer you the very best air fryer donuts, instead of biscuits. 

Topping Alternatives for Air Fryer Donuts:

If you don’t like glazed donuts, you might top it with a chocolate icing, include sprays, or perhaps simply brush some melted butter on the top and dunk in a cinnamon and sugar mix. No matter how you top them, they’re going to be tasty!

Cutting Into Forming:

We constantly have a biscuit cutter on hand, however you can utilize almost anything to cut this into a circular shape! In a pinch, the top of a glass works actually well. For the inner circle, a bottle cap is almost the best size.

Can I make Donut Holes? 

Definitely! You can either simply utilize the middle you cut out for your routine donuts, or you can purposefully cut little circles so that whatever is a donut hole. 

Overhead view of air fryer donuts on a cooling rack.

Storage Directions: 

Shop your donuts in an airtight container on the counter for as much as 2 days. The longer they sit the more they will grow stagnant. 

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