After Catching On To Scam Attempt, Woman Wants To Warn Others Against Norton Security Impostor; ‘It Started Getting Stranger And Stranger’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Now to a customer caution from a CBS 2 audience who called us about a suspicious e-mail that nearly cost her huge time. Early Morning Expert Tim McNicholas reveals us the warnings so you can remain scam-free.

“It scared me that I fell for it initially,” Brenda Clark stated.

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Clark understands a thing or more about cash after investing twenty years in the banking market. That consists of the techniques that scammers utilize to rip-off you out of your hard-earned cash.

Then she got a frightening e-mail.

“They got me with the fear of having money debited from my account,” she stated.

The suspicious e-mail alerted she’d be charged $200 for a Norton Security software application membership.

“It was an emotional grab,” she stated.

With $200 at stake, she worried; although these fraudsters aren’t excellent spellers, misspelling important. The message likewise originated from a Gmail address, although it apparently originated from Norton.

Clark called the number on the e-mail, and the expected customer care agent directed her to the site

“It wanted me to download something. Well, now I’m getting suspicious,” she stated.

Thankfully, Clark understood downloading the software application would offer this supposed associate control of her computer system.

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“Luckily, my alarm bells went off,” she stated.

So she faced the Norton impostor.

“I said, ‘What is this, a scam?’ And then he started getting belligerent with me,” Clark stated.

She hung up on him, however that was not completion of it.

“Then it started getting stranger and stranger,” she stated. “He called back again. Called me names. I hung up on him. He called me back again. Called me names … then he hung up and didn’t call back.”

McNicholas wished to speak with the fraudster, so he called the exact same number Clark utilized, however the individual he talked to hung up on him in the middle of the call 3 times.

“Why did you have this woman download this program that would take control of her computer?” McNicholas asked throughout the 3rd call.

3 strikes at attempting to get straight responses.

Back to Clark, the bright side is her cash is safe.

“I just was so grateful that I caught myself in the middle of it,” she stated.

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Now she’s alerting others so nobody loses a cent to these scam artist.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.