Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed details harrowing exit from her country

Aryana Sayeed and her fiancé, Hasib Sayed, went out as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and talked with “Access Hollywood” about their experience, a few of which she shared on her validated Instagram account.

“I was feeling that I’m going to die here, literally,” she stated. “I was hopeless. This is like a miracle that we’re getting out.”

Sayeed stated the airport was disorderly, with ladies passing out and the crowds crammed in their desperation to get on a flight out.

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She stated a female tried to get Sayeed to take her child with her.

“I cannot separate a baby from the mother, and the mother actually wanted me to take the baby but then I couldn’t,” she stated. “The soldiers asked me if this was my baby and I said, ‘Look it’s not mine but could you please let her in because the baby is gonna die,’ and they said, ‘I’m sorry madam. We cannot do that…'”

Sayeed and Sayed are now in Los Angeles and she stated she’s concerned about the millions who were left.

She’s touched with loved ones who are still there, she stated.

“They are hopeless, absolutely hopeless,” she stated. “They are left with no food and no shelter and they are living in fear right now. And my heart just bleeds for them.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.