Activision Blizzard board creates committee in response to crisis

Activision Blizzard’s board of directors has actually revealed the development of a “Workplace Responsibility Committee” that will react to the business’s continuous unwanted sexual advances and office discrimination crisis.

The two-member committee, according to a press release published late Monday night, will “oversee the Company’s progress in successfully implementing its new policies, procedures, and commitments to improve workplace culture and eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination at the Company.” The committee’s members are Dawn Ostroff and Reveta Bowers, the only ladies on Activision Blizzard’s 10-member board.

The committee’s mentioned ways of achieving its objectives are rather unclear; Monday’s declaration states it will “require management to develop key performance indicators and/or other means to measure progress and ensure accountability.” The release names president Bobby Kotick as part of this management, along with Activision Blizzard’s primary individuals officer and chief compliance officer. All of them should offer regular development reports to the committee.

In a somewhat more concrete objective, the committee is likewise “working to add a new, diverse director to the Board,” though the declaration did not elaborate on what “diverse director” suggests.

The brand-new committee appears to react to growing calls, from both within the business and outdoors, to fire Kotick due to a Nov. 16 report that he understood more about Activision’s harmful office than he informed the board (consisting of a supposed office rape at Sledgehammer Games) and lessened the issues.

Increased board oversight is the option, journalism release asserts. “Current circumstances demand increased Board engagement,” states the declaration, which likewise keeps in mind that “additional future changes will help facilitate additional direct oversight and transparency.”

[Disclosure: Casey Wasserman is on the board of directors for Activision Blizzard as well as the board of directors of Vox Media, Polygon’s parent company.]

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.