A Spring Game of Development

Cal’s spring video game was the very first time year media was enabled into Memorial Arena, along with a very first take a look at whatever this 2021 Cal football group is going to be. It was a tip, that the objective of the spring is advancement, and not a display of the senior skill. Numerous tenured gamers, specifically Mike Saffell, Cameron Goode, Kekoa Crawford, and TE Collin Moore didn’t take part. Others were hurt, with the similarity Brett Johnson, Kuony Deng, Brayden Rohme , and Patrick Hisatake not striking the field.

It left rather of a collection of gamers in for the Bears live sessions, with a few of the tenured gamers who did take part, such as Chase Garbers, just in for a number of drives. The day ended with the Bears waving to the couple of who made the walking up to Tightwad Hill and the cannon, after 69 plays and one 2 point conversion of live work

Watch: Post-Spring Video Game Video

“The goal of today was to get some more live reps for some guys that haven’t played as much, that we envision continue to develop roles on our team,” Wilcox stated, “we really tried to slim down the variety in terms of offensive plays and defensive calls, just to make sure we were lining up and playing football.”

Because vein, it wasn’t the most intricate day of football, integrated with the variety of tenured gamers who didn’t view as much time in the skirmish. It enabled the Bears to see what they have with a few of their young gamers or walk-ons, as even somebody like Chase Garbers just wound up seeing 2 series. Dealing with a handful of first and second group gamers, Garbers went 5-5 for 80 lawns (statistics informal) and a goal to tight end Elijah Mojarro, leading 2 goal drives and making a number of explosive tosses.

“I thought he was very comfortable,” Wilcox stated, “he threw the ball on time, had one really nice play where he stepped up in the pocket and flicked it to Monroe (Young) on a crossing route, threw a comeback to Jeremiah (Hunter), threw a deep ball to Nikko, I think he’s getting very comfortable.”

The play of the day might have begun the 2nd drive, where dealt with with objective to go from the 1-yard line, security Miles Williams made a play to rise, deflect a Zach Johnson pass in the flat, and tip it to himself for an interception. Williams, who began late in 2020 to make time on unique groups, has actually taken some playing time with his play this spring.

“Miles is an athletic guy,” Wilcox stated, “he has made some real athletic plays throughout spring ball, getting more comfortable within the defense. The play he made in the low-red zone, tipping it to himself, was very impressive. He has battled a lower body injury throughout spring ball, so we appreciate him persevering.”

– This isn’t the perfect scenario to work off a depth chart from, however there are a couple of locations where the Bears aim to have a more recognized group. At the linebacker areas, the 4 male rotation of Antzoulatos/Tattersall and Iosefa/Paster seems the leading group. At corner, Josh Drayden, Chigozie Anusiem, and Collin Gamble (Nickel) are the leading people, with Daniel Scott and Elijah Hicks at security.

– The front was less particular, though Webcam Goode, Braxten Croteau and Orin Patu will play functions at OLB, along with Kuony Deng when he’s healthy. JH Tevis need to be a starter on the DL, along with Brett Johnson when he gets healthy. In addition, the Bears ran the ‘elephant bundle,’ a nickel defense with Stanley McKenzie and Ricky Correia supplying 670 pounds of protective deal with up the middle.

– On the offending line, the group of Craig, Cindric, Saffell, Mettauer, and Daltoso seems the beginning group. Significantly, Ben Coleman played 3 various positions on the day (center, right deal with and left guard), Brandon Mello supported at left deal with, and Brian Driscoll subbed in for Saffell with the first string.

– At wideout, Nikko Remigio, Kekoa Crawford and Trevon Clark are the tenured senior citizens who didn’t play much. Monroe Young saw a bit of time, along with Jeremiah Hunter, both of who have actually made larger functions in 2021. Ben Skinner wound up leading the group in getting with 3 receptions for 57 lawns, while Justin Baker and Aidan Lee both had a handful of touches.

– DeCarlos Brooks has a couple goals running the ball, from 9 and 1 backyard out respectively. There weren’t lots of breakaway runs, however the Bears had a handful of damaged takes on to take a look at in movie, particularly from a difficult Chris Brown run early. Brooks had 10 brings for 55 lawns to lead the backs throughout the live duration.

– A great deal of focus was on Jermaine Terry, thinking about the regional tight end had a strong camp. The 268 pound Terry, amongst a young TE group getting lots of playing time with Jake Tonges, Gavin Reinwald and Collin Moore all not playing throughout the spring video game. Terry had a couple strong blocks, however got stopped behind the line of skirmish on a number of flat paths, the second of those triggering him to limp off the field. Of the others, Elijah Mojarro scored the only death goal, while Jake Muller had a couple good catch and run plays.

– The Bears did break things up with a kicking competitors, as Dario Longhetto struck 2 of 3 (make from 46 and 48, miss out on from 43), Nick Lopez struck 1 of 3 (make from 43, miss out on from 46 and 48), and Roman Donnelly struck 2 of 3 (make from 43 and 48, miss out on from 46)

The focus now relies on the offseason, after spring break today, and how the Bears will come together and recover from injury prior to fall. They need to have more protective line depth then, as 4 of the 8 scholarship linemen were out today. This is a Cal group that has lots of experience returning, and while today wasn’t the day that showcased it, it was a fitting end to a camp concentrated on advancement.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.