A Review of Online CNA Certification

CNA Chicago is an online certification program that offers a number of different certifications, including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Specialties. This program is accredited by the American Association of Certified Nursing Assistant (AACNA). The program also has been approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Nursing Assistants (CANA). CNA Specialties includes:


CNA Chicago is very popular because it offers an excellent program with a flexible schedule that allows students to finish their coursework quickly. Many people prefer to take this course because it is an online program that allows them to get a degree and start working right away. This is ideal for anyone who wants a job right away after taking a class or anyone who already works full-time but would like to increase their job skills or even find part-time work.


The program is offered on the University of Illinois campus and is known for its reputation as being the best in the Chicago area. The program is held each semester at UIC and students work one-on-one with an instructor during their first week. Students can attend one of the many live classroom courses in the evening or on weekends. There are also some short online classes that students can take.


The online coursework includes the same amount of coursework that is provided in the traditional classroom setting. The only difference is that students can take the coursework through the Internet. The program will allow students to take the coursework and then take an exam online after they have completed the entire course. The exam will be worth one hundred and seventy-two points and students will receive their certificate after passing the exam.


Online classes are held at a time when students are more available to take the classes. This gives students the flexibility to take courses when they are available and still get their work done on time. Students should know how many hours they want to take off of work to complete the coursework. They should be able to make adjustments to their schedules so that they can meet the deadlines and assignments without going into financial hardship.


CNA Chicago is accredited by the AACNA and the University of Illinois and is also held on the UIC campus. The program is one of the oldest and most respected nursing assistant programs in Chicago.


It is easy to learn the information needed to pass the exam. The coursework consists of both theory and practical instruction. You will learn all the techniques and rules for caring for patients, providing patients with services, and the proper care and administration of patient’s medical equipment. You will learn how to take and maintain the patient’s records and prepare patients for discharge.


When you are ready for your CNA certification, you can earn your CNA license on the spot and begin working right away after you complete your online program. The classes are available to students who are in their early twenties and there is no minimum age requirement. In fact, most of the students in the program are in their mid twenties. The cost of the CNA training is affordable to all people who can afford the high costs of traditional classroom learning. CNA Chicago is known for its affordability and students from all walks of life can be trained with this online program.


Students in this program receive course work that is comparable to other college courses. There is no prerequisite course work required for students to qualify for this course work.


You do not have to take any course work prior to beginning the program. There is no wait list or waiting period to get started and no extra fees are charged for the course work. You will learn how to administer and handle patient’s equipment and provide basic care and attention to patients. In this way you can be prepared to handle a wide variety of tasks in a hospital or other health care setting.


In addition to being an accredited nurse aide, you must pass the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA examination before you can become a certified nursing assistant. Once you have taken the exam, you will need to successfully complete a course to become certified as CNAs. The CNA courses will have prerequisites for students who want to get certified quickly.