A new Dragon Ball Super movie is coming in 2022

Dragon Ball Super is getting its 2nd ever film at some point next year, Toei Animation revealed on Saturday. The statement of the brand-new film began Goku Day — May 9 since the Japanese character for 5 and 9 can be checked out likewise to the character’s name — which works as an event day for the whole Dragon Ball universe.

According to Toei Animation’s statement, the brand-new film will happen in the Dragon Ball Super part of the timeline, making it part of the Dragon Ball Z sequel-series which debuted in 2015. The film will not be a direct follow up to 2018’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the series’ last theatrical release, which was fulfilled with record-breaking ticket office returns.

Toei likewise revealed that Dragon Ball series developer and long-time author Akira Toriyama is working carefully with the production group on the brand-new film. Toriyama has actually dealt with whatever, “from the magnificent story composition, to the character design, to the lines of the script,” Toei stated in a news release. All of this partnership has actually led to what Toei calls a “Dragon Ball movie unlike any other in its history.”

Regrettably, none of that provides us much information on what the film’s really going to have to do with. And it appears the group wishes to stay mystical. The very best tips we got originated from Toriyama himself, who launch a letter to fans about the film where he stated:

I shouldn’t talk excessive about the plot yet, however be gotten ready for some severe and amusing bouts, which might include an unanticipated character.
We’ll be charting through some untouched area in regards to the visual aesthetic appeals to provide the audience an incredible trip, so I hope everyone will eagerly anticipate the brand-new film.

While all of this is still quite puzzling, the concept of a brand-new design and a surprise character is definitely an attracting proposal for the Dragon Ball series’ very first film in 3 years. However it appears we’ll need to wait till a little closer to the film’s 2022 release. Of course, another outstanding question about the film is whether it will strike American theaters in 2022, or if that release date just uses to the the Japanese market.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.