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GRAFTON – K Komfort Heating & Cooling was ready to celebrate its 15th anniversary this week, but a high school band added a twist to its plans.

K Komfort, based in Grafton, invites its employees and their families to a Milwaukee Brewers game each summer for a day of tailgating and baseball. Originally anticipating to commemorate its exact anniversary on Aug. 29, the company saw a unique opportunity to both celebrate the occasion early and assist a high school band in need.

The Grafton High School band was invited by the Brewers to play the national anthem prior to an Aug. 18 game, but it still needed to sell more tickets if it wanted to perform. Slava Krol, president and a founding member of K Komfort, did not hesitate to save the day.

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“We contacted the Brewers and told them we would buy tickets to help them perform and reach this goal,” Krol said. “I’m biased because I have two daughters in the band, but we did buy a portion of the tickets and we went and listened to the band perform the national anthem. It was a lot of fun and it was great to help out the kids.”

Krol and K Komfort have been mainstays in the community since opening. The company repairs and installs heating and cooling systems. In fact, it’s included right in the company’s mission statement. When not fielding a multitude of service requests Ñ which Krol estimates at 150 calls per month on the residential side in addition to a variety of commercial inquiries Ñ K Komfort spends considerable effort contributing to local causes.

K Komfort banks in Grafton, Krol is a former president of the Grafton Lions Club, and has also been actively involved with the Grafton Chamber of Commerce. All of these efforts, and much more, add up to 15 years of trust and confidence from the community.

“There is an opportunity to do business locally,” Krol said. “We want to be trusted, and Ozaukee County is not very big, so there is only one way to treat your clients, which is to be trusted by them. If you’re not trustworthy in a community like this, you won’t last very long.”

K Komfort has grown to 50 employees since its founding in 2007. Krol noted that one of the most significant obstacles to overcome after opening was the Great Recession in 2008, which decimated many businesses. Krol and his family went an extended period without paying themselves, always ensuring that the wellbeing of the business and its employees was the most crucial priority.

“We were trying to build a company at a time when a lot of businesses were going under, so we were swimming upstream for a little while,” Krol said. “But we had this dream, and we knew we needed to overcome that in order to survive.

“The biggest reward is looking back and seeing what we have done and knowing that you are supporting 50 families with a stable income.”

The coronavirus pandemic added further challenges to K Komfort, but Krol and his group are doing their best to navigate this new hurdle. K Komfort has had to address common issues such as rising supply costs, but other concerns have evolved, too.

“We’re still trying to get back to normal,” Krol said. “We’re not only involved in the residential, but we’re also involved in large multi-family reconstruction jobs, and that area is really hurting right now because of the uncertainty of the lending market. It’s a challenge that ultimately trickles down to us.”

Krol would someday like to see K Komfort conduct more out-of-state business, but without sacrificing the lasting relationships the company has established. Krol is ramping up mentoring and training efforts in order to build stronger leaders within K Komfort who could eventually take the lead on larger projects.

Reflecting on where the company is now and where its future may lead, Krol is both appreciative to the community for its support and eager to see how K Komfort’s development continues to unfold.

“For us, it’s more than just making money. This is our livelihood,” Krol said. “We have a lot of recurring partners who keep coming back to us, and even if we may be a little more expensive, they know that we will be there if they need us. We always try to find a way to help somebody out. We always try to go the extra mile.”

K Komfort is located at 1201 6th Ave., Grafton. Their phone number is 262-375-0075.

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