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A look at the entertainment coming your way

Kirk Detweiler is the executive director of the Palace Theatre.

During the run of Christmas at the Palace in December, the rumor mill was rampant with what the summer musical in 2023 would be. Director Clare Cooke and I had to laugh because the big rumor was a show that wasn’t even on our radar − “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.” I did my best to shut that rumor down, but when push came to shove and our top four choices were unavailable, we decided to do “Beauty and the Beast” after all. So, the last laugh is on us, I guess.

That being said, we are excited to kick off our “Season of Enchantment” with Disney’s wonderful family show about a handsome but arrogant prince who is turned into a hideous beast by a wicked witch until he can find true love. The show, directed by Clare Cooke and choreographed by Kristi Wink, will run July 8-16 on the main stage.

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