A Hitman 3 streamer spent hours putting the entire town in a freezer

Hit Man 3 gamers are currently getting the titular gunman, Representative 47, into all sorts of shenanigans. The franchise is well-known for its vast levels that have lots of civilians who might possibly ward off the gamer in assassinating their target. Gamers have a lot of simple choices, however some fans are getting especially imaginative in their objectives. Take this banner, for instance, who carried out the huge job of knocking out a whole town.

Why would anybody do such a thing? Well, unconscious bodies can be dragged into a freezer for safekeeping. It’s the meaning of an ice cold criminal activity, and it took a banner hours to get everybody therein.

Daniel, the banner in concern, worked his method through the town of Sapienza in an effort to discover intriguing and amusing methods to mess with the people. At one point, he attempts to line up an exceptionally deadly golf ball swing that would eliminate everybody in one shot, however he can’t make it work, so everybody is spared. Likewise, he’s dressed up as a clown throughout the whole experience.

You may believe he’d relax after this specific obstacle, however Daniel has no objective of stopping. “The joy of games like Hitman for me is that they’re presented with an incredibly straight face, but allow you to do incredibly silly things,” he informed Polygon over e-mail. “I’ve previously killed 553 people using only a fish in the game, so it just seemed like a natural progression for the freezer challenge.”

What’s next for the banner? “I heard there’s a wine press in one of the maps, and I’d like to apologize in advance.” Threatening!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.