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A Guide to Smart Sous Vide Technology

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Harness the power of water to prepare perfect meals, with a little help from these clever gadgets

If you’ve ever been curious about sous vide, a culinary technique that uses a water bath to cook food in sealed containers, there’s never been a better time to jump in the deep end and learn—thanks to smart technology.

Like so many other kitchen activities, smart technology has simplified and dummy-proofed sous vide food preparation, a popular technique among top chefs for its precision. From automated temperature adjustments to real-time notifications, connected devices can have you cooking—expertly—with water in no time.

Here are our picks for the smart sous vide tech.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro

Powerful, precise, professionally cooked meals in any pot. That’s the promise of the Anova Precision Cooker Pro. This immensely durable, water-heating wand, which can be easily inserted into the pots you have at home, is strong enough to tackle the toughest of meats while exacting enough to prepare all manner of vegetables and grains, allowing you to cook restaurant-quality dishes with nothing more than water and a container. Best of all, the Anova is Wi-Fi-enabled, and thanks to the accompanying Anova app, you can keep tabs on—and command—your sous vide cooker from across the room or across the estate, enabling you to focus on other things, like creating a restaurant-quality tablescape.

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is available for $399.

Suvie 3.0

If you’re all thumbs when it comes to cooking, consider the Suvie 3.0. Offering an entirely, set-it-and-forget-it approach, the Suvie 3.0 is a countertop cooker that takes up less space than a microwave and will take your food from raw to ready exactly when you tell it to, thanks to its “Cool to Cook” technology. This technology keeps your food chilled within the Suvie until it calculates the appropriate time to start cooking—based on when you tell Suvie you want to eat—then prepares the meal entirely, while you live your life, alerting you, via app, when it is ready. And sous vide is just one of Suvie’s many skills. The kitchen wonder can also prepare food by roasting, baking, broiling, slow cooking and more. For the home chef who wants the easiest path toward delicious food, Suvie will even provide chef-prepared meals by mail order that can simply be placed in the device and automatically cooked to perfection.

The Suvie 3.0 is available for $799.


Can a sous vide machine be a work of art? Mellow makes a pretty compelling case. This countertop cooking device looks like a futuristic fish tank—a clean, simple base supporting a vertically oriented tank of water, into which your meal is placed, and Mellow does the rest. No, really it does the rest—place your dinner in Mellow before walking out the door in the morning, and the device’s built-in refrigeration unit will keep your food perfectly preserved until it’s time for it to be prepared, based on when you scheduled your dinner via the Mellow app. When you return home in the evening your expertly prepared meal will be waiting. Or your whole family’s meal, as the Mellow is big enough to cook up to six potions (or 40 eggs!) without sacrificing any of its sous vide precision. In addition to completely controlling the Wi-Fi-enabled Mellow from the accompanying app, the cooker will learn how you prefer your food prepared (softly poached eggs? medium rare meat?) and automatically apply those lessons to future food prep.

The Mellow is available for $399.


For the home chef who wants to add sous vide to their repertoire, but doesn’t expect to make it the center of their culinary world, Joule is a perfect fit. The smallest sous vide tool on the market, the Joule will easily attach to any pot in your home—and simply stow in any kitchen drawer. Better still, it comes with a magnetic foot that locks it to the bottom of your cooking container without the need for clips. And while it may be slight in stature, it’s big in brains—offering Bluetooth connectivity and control, enabling users to precisely input how they would like their meal prepared via a few taps on the Joule app.

The Joule is available for $249.

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